Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


34. Chapter 30

Nikkis POV

It was only a matter of minutes that my friends were going to arrive. I was like so exited! LOuis and I are currently putting up the decorations and he keep throwing pretzels at me! We had so much fun planning this today. Finally we finish. "I think we should go and get ready now." I say admiring our hard woork. "Yeah! Meet me down stairs when your done!" Louis said running up stairs to his room. I quickly shower and go into my closet. "LOUIS!!!!" I yell. "What?!:" He said knocking. "Come in i need help!" "Are you in some type of clothing?" he asked but still walked in. "I need help. I dont know what to wear!" I say with a sad face. 'Alright lets se..." He said digging through my closet. "How about this?!" He said holding up a very nice blue dress. "what shoes fashinista?" I asked jokingly. He glares but still grabs a pair of stiletos. 'Perfect! Thatnks Louis!!" I say pushing him out of my room to change. I set the clothes netly on the bed and dry my hair with a blowdryer. My make up is very simple with some balck eyeyliner and mascara with a smokey eye look. Perfect! Next is hair.. Its naturally straight which is a pain in the ass! I grab my thick wand and start to curl it. when im finished i spraged some hairspray and teased the back just a bit. Lip gloss time!!!!! Im finally done and go down stairs to meet Louis. 'IM a genious!" He yelled giving me a hug. "Yes you are! I mean i look hot!!" i say laughing. 'actually i do think you look hot, but sadly your Nialls!" he said fake crying. I swear these boys are so cute! DIIIING DOOOOONNG!!! I run to the dor (yes in stiletos....i have talent!) I open the door to see 3 very familiar faces. "AHHHHHH!" We all scream as we hug each other and try to catch up. Louis is just standing there like what are these things?! "Oh guys look this is Lou--" "AHHHHHH!" They all three yell again. Yup their fans. So many questions were asked towards him and me that i was like no. 'Girls! SHut up! Just let me explain!" I say trying to calm them down they just giggle but look at me. "Guys im Harry's sister and Nialls girlfriend!" I ay not explaining very well. THis results in more screaming and more questions. Oh my god! " Ok Louis...This is.. Claudie! Claudie this is Louis!" I say introducing them. Claudie has brown hair and green orbs that make me hate her! Shes just an amazing person! "This is Maddi! Maddi Louis!" I say. Maddie was like my BFF! I LOVE HER!! Shes like amazingly pretty! "And finally this is Jazz..Jazz Louis!"  Isay once again. Jazz has brown eyes and brown eyes but in the sun theres a hint of green in them! So yeah thats just what they llok lke! "Its very nice to meet you all! So whos ready to party?!?!" Louis yells. We all scream and the girls go to my room to get ready."They all seem nice." Louis says eating a grape. "Yeah they are turly amazing. They have been there for me even when i----" I say catching myself. He stops eating and looks woried. 'When you what?" He asked. Before i could reply Jazz saved me! "Nikki!!! I need your hepl!" she yells from upstairs. "coming!" I yell not making eye contact with him. I soon do all the girls hair. They think im a goddess at hair.. "Ok guys i thonk theres a few people downstairs already. Im going to call my brother..yall just stay quiet!" I say dialing Harry. 'ello?" He said. I swear these girls are bitting their toungues to keep quiet. "He Hazz! Ok I think its safe for you guys to come!" I say "Yeah ok that will be ok. Thanks Paul!" he said hanging up. Perfect! 'Paul?!" They say confused. Obviously my name isnt Paul. I explain and we head downstairs! You wouldnt believe who was here! The girls were fangirling when Harry texted me they were here. 'Alrigh guys hes here!" I yell and everybody got quiet. Soon the boys come in. "SURPRISE!!!!!" We all yell at the top of our lungs. Nialls face was priceless! Gald i have secret cameras in the front always on record! Thats also part of my master plan! "Thanks everyone!" He says as he waves to everyone. I see Harry looking at Claudie. Hmmmm. MISS MATCH MAKER COMING UP! "Babe di you do all of this?!" Niall said kissing me. "With the help of my lovely boys!" I say pointng at them. They holler proudly. "Your amazing. did you know that?" He asked smirking. "Trust me..I think im more than amazing!" I say winking. Liam found Maddi to talk to...wink wink! And i see Jazz talking to Zayn. OMG! Were like almost a big happy family! Poor little Louis!


Liams POV

Shes just amazing! as soon as i walk through the door her smile made me smile. Plus shes just so open and fun to be with! Well see how this goes! "Hey" I say having the guts to talk to her. She smiles real wide. "Alright so well talk to you later!" her friends say leaving just us two in the kitchen. 'hey." She says smiling. That smile! "SO i her you one of Nikkis good friends." I say wanting to know her better. 'yeah when she lived in London we were all together. Then she moved. we kept contact but this is the first time i see her in person! And it turns out shes with a guy from one direction!" she says covering her mouth. 'Im taking your a fan?" I say winking. "Maybe just a little she said hiding her face. "Don't hide. You amazing. Just the way you aree!" I sing. She giggles as we just kept talking. This is amazing!


Harrys POV

I kinda feel bad for Nikki. I think i like one of her friends. Claudie. What a unique name! Shes drop dead gorgeous! Her cute litle dimples..Like me! DIMPLE BUDDIES...or maybe more... We talked all night and seriously i feel likeim on top of the world!


Zayns POV 

I know i liked Nikki but this girl..i mean wow! Jazz.. her name has a cute ring to it. Her eyes sparkle in the light and her smile is to die for! 


Nialls POV

I cant belive she did this all for me. Its not the party or anything..its the fact that she wanted to do this at the last minute. She always knows how to surprise me. UGh! Well it looks like i wont be the only one having a girlfriend in the band! This party is going to be fun! "I love you Nikki!" I say. "I love you too!" she said giving me a kiss. The party goes wild. I really do love her. But for some reason i think shes hiding just one little thing. I dont know what but.. i need to find out.







Alright! Its not much and i know the girls that are their Gf wanted to know when their getting in the storie but i promise you girls that this was just getting you guys in the story. Dates and everything will come in time! I love al my readers! Im also writting a new story for this girl named ELISA! Its a Louis one so go check that out later! Love you!!! 

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