Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


3. Chapter 3

We were running g out the door when I remember the letter saying something about money. "Hey guys!! I need to get something real fast!" I shout running back inside to get the bag. I run back outside to find the boys barley getting into the car. "Y'all are really slow." I say jokingly. "what! How can you say that when your right behind us!?" Louis shouts. "um. Because I ran back inside to get this bag from the office and came back right behind y'all. It dosent take that long to get into a car. " I say. Yes I run. I run for fun actually. I was the top one in state competitions. They wanted me to go for the olympics but I passed. You only live once! Why train for something for years when you can just have fun and enjoy life!? "What! Liam!! Looks like you've got competition!!!" Harry says. Liam playfully glares at me. I roll my eyes and get into the car. "Um where am I supposed to sit?" I ask looking at the seats. "well looks like you have to sit on one of us." Liam says. Niall was the closets one. "I'm sorry Niall:/ may I sit on you?" I ask politely. I have always been self coatious on my weight. He laughs. Wow he's so adorable. No. Nikki stop. He will never like you. "Of course love!" he says. I awkwardly go and sit on him. "I'm sorry if I'm too heavy. " I whisper so no one can hear. "Love your as light as a feather!" he says. Suddenly my stomach growls reall loud... " Niall!!! Again!!" Zayn asked. "Um guys.... That wasn't Niall... That was me." I say shyly. "Im just really hungry. Can we stop by somewhere?" I ask insecurely. I have always been teased about eating to much. "Of ciudad anything for you!" poyos saya ahilé pillín up to McDonalds. "hi we come to McDonalds how may i help you?" the voice thingy said. "one sec " louis replies. "oh.... I want a double cheese burger... No make that 2.. And a five piece chicken select....and a big Mac...some large fries...and a large coke please!!" I say. The boys just stare at me. Shit. Did I order to much? Oh well.... "wow. Niall looks like we found your perfect match!!!" Louis says. "I'll just get what she said. " Niall says Louis orders everything and it turns out tot be 5 bags. 2 for me. 2 for Niall. And the boys share the last one. "ok Niall... Eating competition..." I say. He nods really fast. "Ready......set.....carrots!!!!!" Louis shouts. I dig into my food. This is nothing to what I eat on a regular basis. I finis shed before I knew it. "AND NIKKI IS THE WINNER!!!" Louis says. "YAY! I WON!!I WON!!" I say mooing Harry in one of their videos. They all strate cracking up...well except for Niall. "Im sorry Niall!! I'll let you win next time okay?!" I say pecking his cheek. He blushed. Hes so cute;)

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