Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


33. Chapter 29

Zayns Point Of View

why did they do this?! I mean really? This is the second time! they totally went overboard. THEY SHAVED MY HEAD!!! I am so mad. I cant even look at them. They are all just laughing. This isnt funny. This has gone too far. "what the hell guys! I know last time was just for fun and it was funny but this time it was for no reason and i think you all went a little over board!" I yell at them. "Calm your balls mate!" Louis says putting a hand on my shoulder.I slap it off. Im not kidding. "What did i fucking do!" I say louder. Everyone looks at Nikki and Niall. She gets quiet and looks at Niall. "do you really want to know?" She asked. "Well obviously if im asking!" I say a bit annoyed. "well when we went to the Rodeo we were having like the best time ever! YOu became one of my closest friends. But then we got invited to Pitbulls after party and you got really drunk. I told you we had to go home and you just kissed me. I dont know if you remember because right after that you knocked out. I cried all the way home and i told Niall. He wanted to kick your ass but i convinced him you were a good guy and you were under the influence. So we decided to do this instead." She said. Wow. "Im sorry Nikki! I really am! You have to believe me that i don't remember!I swear i would never do anything to hurt you or Niall. Im so sorry.." I say hugging her. "Its fine. Just dont do it again or next time i wont hold back Niall and watch him kick your ass." she said jokingly. Niall is one lucky guy. Shes even honest! We soon all made up and went into the kitchen. Lets see what we have planned for today!



Nikkis Point Of VIew


So we made up and i lead the boys to the kitchen. I have an idea but i dont know. I mean Nialls birthday is coming up but i want to surprise him. Its only the Ninth so i know he wont be expecting it! I have to come up with something to tell the boys. "Um Louis Liam  can you please go look for... my special towel in the garage? Its pink..Zayn and Harry you go help please?" They looked at me confused but did it anyways. After a few minutes i say to niall. "Maybe they cant find it. Let me go help them. You stay here and look after the eggs yeah?" I say winking. "yeah sure. Dont be long!" He said in a sing-song voice. I jog towards the garage and find the boys looking for something. "Boys its over here." I say picking it up off the floor. "Oooooohhh that towel!' They all said. I swear boys cant do anything! No offense:P "Well now that i have you all together..I have a plan!" I say excitedly. I cant take it anymore. Zayn still thinks hes bald. 'Oh and Zayn its a bald cap hun....dont worry" I saw winking. His mouth dropped as he runs to the door. "Wait! Let me say this first! Im planning a Birthday party for Niall tonight. Whos in?!" I ask. "But his birthday is like 4 days away!" Harry said. "Yeah thats why he wont be expecting it! I need you boys to take him out and maybe one of you can stay to help me..Louis what about you?!" I ask knowing that hell be fun to work with. 'Yeah!" He said clapping. Alright you guys think of something and take him there until i text Harry saying to come back." I say. They all nodded and we went back inside the house. Zayn immediately runs to his bathroom and takes off his cap. 'So mate i was thinking that You Harry Zayn and me can go do something. Guys day out. How does that sound?" Liam says to Niall. "what about Louis?! Hes a guy too right?!" He says messing around. Louis playfully glares. 'Well we decided it can be Nikki and Louis Day today!" Harry said. Im glad this whole spend a day with each boy is in play. Its a great excuses. Niall nods and we all sat down and eat breakfast. Once we were done Liam offered to wash the dishes since he was already ready. "Hey babe." Niall whisperes in my ear while hugging me from behind. "Well hello cutie" I say winking. "So you ready for guys night out?!" I asked. "Well yeah but i was just thinking how i dont really get to see you anymore." He said. Its true. I mean alone. were always with the boys or im out with one of them. "I know baby but i promise that well spend time together alone in a few days. I promise!" I saying kissing him. OUr lips moved in syn as he bits my lip for entrance. I accept and open as our tongues battle for dominance. "Thats Enough you two!" Harry yells peeking through his door. "Thsi shall continue when we meet again" I say winking. I swear hes so cute when he blushes. Soon we are all in our rooms getting ready. Well Louis is in mine cause we need all the time we can get! "Alright you take care of the list becaiuse you know more of his friends more than i do. Ill invite just three girls that are in London. O went to school there for a few years and i left them an i havent seen them since! Ill fly the over." I say writting the flight info down. 'Alright when th eboys leave well go to the party store and get everything we need and then to the super market to get a lot of food.' Louis said to me as i write this down. We list all the people and all the food we were going to have in order to get the right ingridience. "Ill call my friends right now and then you can call...." 'call who?!" Niall asked peeking in. 'Oh you know us pranksters like to prank call!" LOuis said covering up really well. "Typical Louis! Well were off babe! the boys are alreday in the car. Ill be back in a few." He said while kissing me roughly. Louis clears his throat. "See you soon." He says while giving a last peck on the lips. 'well that escalated quickly." Louis jokes.I slap his arm. I quickly dial my best freind in London. 


Me-Hey girl! I know i havent talked to you in forever!!

C-Nikki?! OMG!! I missed you soo much?! Whats going on?!

ME-Well i was calling because im planning a surprise birthday party for Niall! I have your flight ready for you to come in 3 hours! Are you down?!

C-Niall? I need to see this boy and have a talk! Are you two dating?! Who is he?! You never mentioned a Niall! And yeah ill pack right now!

ME-Ill tell you the details later! Hurry up! Ill send you your information right now! I cant wait to see you babe!! Muah!

I say hanging up. "So im guessing they dont know its Niall from one direction huh?" Louis asked. 'Yeah but ill tell them when they get here!" I quickly dial my other two friends explaining the same thing. There getting here at the same time and thy are riding a cab here together too. I cant wait! Soon Louis takes the phone away dialing the other like hundred guest. good thing this house is big enough. "Alright Louis lets go shopping!!" I yell. "Alright! I call shot gun!" HE says running downstairs. He get in the passengers and i start the engine. "Lets start at Party City and the the market." I say. He nodded and turned the radio up. I put my phone on a little stand and start recording.  Louis i sdancing and singing and hes so cool! I mean i even started to dance. The i started to sing after a while i noticed Lois wasnt singingi stopped. 'You sing really good." He sated. I didnt reply and just kept acting like fools. I didnt tel him i recorded cause im going to do something special with all these moments i have been secretly recording. 



We got all the things we needed and ended up hiring like a kitchen staff to prepare the food because it was just too much. My friends are almost here! I cant wait to see who Louis invited!!













Hi guys! I still need a girlfriend for Louis! The rest are taken!! I was going to write all the way until they met their girlfriends but if i do i wont be able to add all the little details and it would just be BORING!! So I think i an get it in by next chapter. I ll try to upload tonight if i have time after my homework! Love you all! And make sure to see my new instgram account that i share with Maddi! Well its hers and i co own but make sure to follow us! We post anything 1D!! Love you !


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