Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


31. Chapter 28

Nikkis Pont Of View


I woke up next to the guy i fell in love with . I watch him sleep...but not in that creeper way. hes so...just beautiful. like what did i do to deserve him?! i gently kiss his lips. "Goodmornig Babe.." he said in a husky morning voice. I smile. "Morning! Lets go wake the boys and watch Zayn!" I say jumping on the bed to get him up. Soon a knock on the door came. "Erm...I hope you guys arnt breaking the sure does sound like it from out here though..." Harry said weirdly. Ijust lookedat niall and bursted out laughing. "Calm your balls harry! Im just jumping on the e to wake this lazt butt up!" I say opening the door. "well good.. cause that would have been awkward.." He said scratching the back f his head. I roled my eyes at his childness. "Goodmorning!" I ssay huggng all the boys and pecking them on their cheek. "Shall we go check up on Zayn?!" I say...i  think my accents coming back! I mean i had one when i was little but not being with my real faily it kinda went away. "wow! Your brtish!!" Louis yelled. "Well yeah.. i am Harry's sister!" I say. "Oh yeah..I forgot." Louis says looking between us. "well lets go!!" I said  jumping on Nialls back and pointing toward the pool. 'Onward my lovely horse!" I say kicking his bum. We galloped to the pool. 'So ow are wegoing to wake him up?! Wouldnt the water mess up the cap?" Liam asked. I smiled. "well beng me i already thougt of that and made sure my supplies were water-proof. And i think we have an air-horn.." I say looking in the shed. I pulled it out. "Ta-da!!" I say jumping out of the shed. 'who would like the honors?!" I ask. Liam raised his hand. i raised my eyebrows. "Are you sure Liam?! I meanits a pretty hard job." I say winking. he rolls his eyes. 'Ok in 5.....4....3....2....1!" He shouts and presses the button. We all covered our ears just in time. Zayn jumps up but fails and is upside down in the water. He comes up shivering and soaking. "What was that for this time?!" He shouts. Its too funy looking at him like this. "Guys its not that funny...tis is te socnd time you guys have done this!" He says. He made his hand go to his 'hair' to brush it back. he has an 'omg'look on his face as he patts his head. 'WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS DONE?!?! THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR!! MY HAIR!!! NOOOOOO!!!" h yelles going downto his knees. We are all laughing like idiots. were probably goig to die if we dont stop to breathe!He quickly gets up and runs to the nearest athroom floodin the whoel house as hes dripping wet. "WHAT?!" he says looking at his BEAUTIFUL body art. well this was fun!!








Hey guys! Im finally ungrounded!!! Hope tis was....ok just a filler. Love you all! Keep reading and enjoy!!! Heart it...comment....follow me on instagram! Ill follow back!


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