Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


30. Chapter 27

NIalls Point Of View

"what do you have in mind?!" I asked as he grin gew wider. I wonder what goes on through that cute little head of hers. "I have a couple of you have any?" She asked looking up to me. How did i get so lucky? I mean just the fact that she straight up told me! Most girls will just pretend the kiss never happened and not say anything at all. But now i can trust her even more than i used to. "Some..but what are yours?" I asked smiling. "Well we could go to my car..grab lots of sharpies and let all the boys draw on him...ive heard hes a heavy sleeper...anyways then we should spray dye his hair...puple! And then just leave him in the car.....what else do youthink we should do?!" She said exitedly. I got to give her some credit...shes pretty clever...for a girl... "Thats brilliant! em... wat if we lay him down on a long flatie know the one yo lay on on the pool? and just leave him there until he wakes up?" I say. her grin grew wider if possible! "Totally! Omg! go wake up the boys and ill get the sharpies!" she said running upstairs. Luckly all of the boys fell asleep in the movie room watching the avengers. "Mates! Wake up! We are going to go toututre Zayn!" I yell. Most of the just stirred at first. Then i guess they realised what i had just saaid. Theyall jumped up with eitment. "Im cool with it! but why are we doing this agsin?" Louis asked tiredly. "Lets just say he got me really mad and this is my way of paying back!" I said walking to Nikki. "Nikki!!!" The boys yelled and got her in a huge group hug. I like that all the boys like her. Its nice to have a girl that everyone gets along with. "Heyo buddies! Well y'all ready mis amigos!!?" She said handing each about 5 different colored sharpies. "To My Car!!!!!!" She pointed outside. "ahhhhh!"The boys yelled charging outside. we managed to unbutton zayns shirt to write all over his stomach. The bys were going all out on drawing weird pictures. I laughed when i say nikki write on his forehead..'NIKKIS BITCH!;)' That is going to be hard to come off...but he likes tattoes right?! I just wrote random stuff we drew a few mirrors and hair spray cans, nerdy glasses, beanies, we attemted to draw the avengers...dint work outgreat but hey! we had so much fun doing this! "Alright i think most of his upper body is covered....lets do his hair.....omg i have a legit bald cap! I have an extra from halloween! Dude! Thats perfect!" Nikkie whispered in exitment. She ran back to the house and came out with a box and started to work on him. I can stop thinking about her. is that bad? I always told myself to neer like someone to muchcause at the end i get hurt a lot more..but with her..i just feel that i can do anything! "Done!" She whispered shouted. i bursted out laughing on the spot. "That looks copletly real!'Haarry said laughing. Louis was crying. i do have to say..thats pretty funny." Liam said chuckling. "alright! ll we have to do is carry him to the pool!' I said. I grabbed one of his hands, harrry the other,liam his foot, and louis the othr. Nikki found one of those things and wecarefully laid him down. Perfect. 'well boys you guys did an absolutly amazing job! I will reward you in the morning! Go back to bed freaks!" She yelld. "Night Nikki!" They each said hugging her and pecking her on the cheek. 'Hey babe, wanna come sleep with me?" She asked when the boys were gone. I simled so big my face kinda hurt. "Ofcourse babe!" I said running to her and piking her up bridal style. She was amazing. "Niall! Stop! I hate being carried!" She squeled. "and why is That?!" I asked looking into her eys. "I just feel extra insecure.....and i feel lie a baby!" She pouted. insecure?! No. ' are beautifl and light as a feather...and your my baby!" I said kissing her. she kissed back and it grew more passionate. we both pulled out after a few minutes. "I love you Nikki...." I saidsoftly. She smiled like no tomorrow. "I love you too Niall...."







-Hello! again! Um not much goingon but i hadto like speed it up! Im supposed to be doing homework but luvky for you guys im doing this instead! Well tell me what you think!I love you guys and STAY DIRECTIONES! Love yas!








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