Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


28. Chapter 25

-49 is close enough!-


We walked to the concert area and our seats were even closer than before! "This is so cool!" I screamed. He smiled at me. He has a pretty nice smile too! "Are you ready for the time of your lives?!" Pitbull said but want on stage.. I screamed and so did Zayn. This is so fun! Soon he came out and greeted everyone. IT WAS SO LOUD! "Alright guys! Ima start of with 'Back in time" for all you people!" He said. The crowd went wild for a while and for the whole concert. "Alright  y'all.. i have heard that Zayn Malik is in the building...Is that true?" The crowed screamed super loud this time! Pit looked straight at Zayn. "I would like him to come on up for me!" Sooon some security guards came and lead him on stage. "Ello Houston!" He screame. That did it. I even found myself screaming...i technacally was stll a huge fan! "Well do you wanna sing a song or two while i go meet some fans?" Pit asked Zayn. "Well its up to the people!" Zayn said pinting at the crowed. We all screamed. "I think thats a yes! Well ladies and gentlemen, may i present to you, ZAYN MALIK,Dale!" He screamed. MOre than this started to play. Zayn  looked at me the whole time he sang. It was really sweet and all but did he really mean the words? I was madly in love with NIall...why would he do something like that? I tried not to think about it and just sang a long with the other fans. After a few more songs pit came back and invited Zayn to the after party. Ofcourse he said yes and asked if he could bring one more. The crowed screamed really loud thinking he was gonna take one of them. "And who may this person be?" Asked pit. He looked at me and smiled. "Nikki Styles ofcourse! ITs our day to hang today so yeah!" He said exitedly. I smied and a guard lead me to the stage. I got a lot of hate while walking towars the stage. ay...HATERZ GONNA HATE! "Well i hope you two had fun tonight! As well as all of ya'll out there! Goodnight HOUSTON!" PIt said. We alll waved untill it went dark and we jogged of stage. "Omg! pitbull! You did amazing!" I said exitedly. He smiked. "Thank you, so did your friend here...the fans got a little more than expected tonight huh?" He asked. I noded. "Well its  nice to meet ya'll but i gotta get going to the for whatever you want...just call  tu papi." He said winking. I managed to laugh. "Omg Zayn! Were going to the after party! Tis is so cool! Do you know how many famous people are gonna be there? Omg i got his number too!" I said exitedly. THis was sooo cool! "I know this is cool! I cant wait but we should get gooing!" He said. He sounded a bit exited. We went to our car and Texted Pit for the directions. Sure enough there was ahuge house with music blasting and party lights everywher. We walked up to the Guard. "Names?" He said looking us up and down. "Zayn Malik and Nikki Styles!" Zayn said. He looked at the list and opened the door. This house was huge and crowedede! anyone that was famous that you could think of,was defenatly here! "Wow." I said "You can say that again." Zayn said in awe. "wow" I said. He looked at me withe a 'really' face. I smiled   real big. We walked over to the inside bar. "what will you two like?" THe guy behing the bar asked. Zayn looked at me. I shook my head. I didnt like drinking, mybe once in a while but i didnt fell like it tonight. "Ill have a ---insert drink name her;)----- please." He gave him one and we just talked. Soon enought ENRIQUE IGLESIAS came to order something. "Omg your enrique!" I said. He smiled. "Yes i am and who might you be?" H asked in his adorable accent. "Im Nikki..Nikki Styles! Its so cool that i got to meet you!" I said. HE smiled even more. "Well its pretty cool to meet you too. How about i give you my number and we can maybe talk somewhere where its not so does that sound?" I obviosly was super exited and got more numbers than i could count. I saw Zayn wobbling everywhere and decided it was time to go home. "Hey buddy,lets get going were going to be la-" I         got     cut off by his lips connecting with mine.WTF?! I  quickly pulled away and was so        temted to slap him. "Aw its ok love, we can smooch somewhere more quieter." He slurred.  I pulled him by the ear all the way to the car. I just ignored him until i heard his soft snores. Thats when i coud no longer hold it. There was defenatly paps around. What am i goingto  tellNiall?! Will he ever forgive me?! I could totally understand if he didnt....Well see..



-Hi guys so ithough 49 was pretty close to 50 but yeah...anyways ima start a new story about a girl being best friends with zayn since they were check it out...its called....'Dont Leave me'   thganks buddis! Love you all!

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