Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


26. Chapter 24

I have always liked nikki from the start. i mean the way she she doesn't care about anything and just wants to have fun. Niall is a really lucky guy. And now that she wants to have a day with each one of us is pretty cool. Although indie think she was going to take with Niall or Harry first but I guess not!
"So where do you wanna go?" I ask as we eat breakfast. She thought about it for a moment.
" about the zoo, or the mall, or the amusement park, really it's up to you this most important part is actually getting to know you! So any things fine!" She said with a smile. I thought for a little bit.
"Wait.....ident the rodeo in town?" I asked. I've never been to one so it should be cool. As soon as I said that her eyes got huge.
"Omg I totally forgot!!! Oh and I think Pitbull is performing today too! Yeah that's perfect!" She said giving me a hug and running upstairs, I assume to get ready. I also make my way upstairs. Tonight's gonna be fun....I can already tell.

once Zayn mentioned the rodeo I almost died. I always go every year with my parents so now that their not here I totally forgot about it! As I run upstairs I hear someone following me. As I got to my room I decided to turn around.
"What's up Niall?" I ask sitting on my bed. He sits down in front of me.
"Um..well....are you sure you want to do this?...I me aspens a whole day with 1 boy at a time?" He asked scratching the back of his head. I looked at him funny.
"Yeah..I mean I barley know my own brother! All of you guys are like my family...and I only know what's on the Internet about you's pretty sad.." I admit. He looks at me. What's up with him?
"We'll your coming on tour with can n get to know us then.." He said. What?!
"Alright I give up....what's res,,y going through your head?" I ask looking at him seriously.
"Nothing's just I don't want you getting to close....if you know what I's happened before and I really don't want to lose you..." He said looking away. What?! Why would I do that to him?!
"Niall! You should know better! I'm not like that...see!! That's why we need to get to know each other more. I promise I'm not like those other girls." I say promising. He smiled and I gave him a hug.
"Now get out so I can change!" I say pushing him towards the door. He turns around.
"May I please stay and watch?!" He asked.
"No!" I say still pushing him.
"I asked nicely!!!" He pouted as I shut the door. Teenage boys.. So I took a shower and straighten my hair. I pulled on my jean shorts and my bedazzled belt. I also had on a plaid shirt tied up to my belly button and my cowboy boots. All set. I make my way to the gaming system room to get my wristlets and my phone. Once I enter I heard a couple howls and oohs. I quickly stoked a few poses as they pretended to take pictures....I hope.
"You guys like it?" I ask motioning to my outfit. They all noded and Zayn wasn't here so I took a seat on Nialls lap.
"You upped.." He said awkwardly. I managed to laugh.
"I'm going to take that as a compliment." I say kissing him. When I pulled away I say Zayn by the doorway....tight but not to tight fitted cowboy boots and a black button down shirt(plaid). I run over to him.
"We'll don't you look nice?!" I say looking at him. He blushed just a tinny bit.
"Thanks. You look really nice too." He said. Well after that we said our goodbyes and headed of to my car.
"So how far away is this thing?" He asked hoping in the passengers seat.
"Only like 20 minutes away." I say remembering. I could not wait!
"Cool. So what do you exactly do at a rodeo?" I literally almost gasped. But then remembered he'd never been to one.
"We'll the actual rodeo is inside, then there's a carnival outside and toward the end of the night thee concert takes place inside. It's pretty fun!" I say smiling. For the most of the ride..we sang, danced, and acted like freaks. I really liked this side of Zayn. I'm glad I had finally cracked him!! Soon we pull up and I parked the car. Zayn handed me a hoodie and some sunglasses to keep our identities safe lol. As we walked up to the tickets booth we ordered our tickets when she said..
"And your names please?" The girl said. She was probably in her late teens. I looked at Zayn who whispered something into her ear and she almost screamed but gave us our tickets.
"What did you tell her?" I asked as we walked away.
"We'll I told her who we were and that if she promised to to say anything I would call her and her friends tomorrow.." He said smiling. I managed to smile too.
"Nice! Anyways we should go get some food and then watch the rodeo for a's still to light outside to enjoy the carnival." I say leading him to the concession stands. Gladly no one noticed us so we made it to our seats which were the second row. The rodeo was pretty fun until I guess Zayn took his glasses of and they noticed him. There has never been a celebrity cam but I guess now there was.
"Look it here folks! Zayn Malik and Nikki Styles are in the stands! Ay hi you two!" The man said on the intercom...we said hi and went back to watching it but was interrupted like every 5 seconds of an autograph. Soon we left outside where it was pretty dark.
"Do you guys go through that a lot?" I asked as I noticed he really didn't care.
"Pretty much...I mean I love our fans but sometimes we just want a day off of being one direction you know?" He said seriously. Wow. It must be pretty hard for them. We played a few games and it was really fun!
"Zayn! Lets go to that one!" I say pointing to the one with electric guitars as prizes. I hav an acoustic one but not an electric!
"Alright! The lint of the game is to at least make 3 of the balls in to the bucket without hitting this.." Said the guy pointing at two sticks on the backboard.
"Okey dokey!" I say. I had five balls and made none!!
" here let me try." Zayn said paying the guy. He made the first....the second...and the third!!!!
"Wow your the fist one today! Pick any one you want!! " he said motioning all the guitars. Zayn looked at me.
"Which one do you want, love?" He asked. I shook my head.
" you one! I didn't its yours!" I said. He shook his head.
"I only played because you wanted one. Go ahead!" He said smiling. I glared at him and looked at all the guitars. I laughed at one that had the design of the British flag with '1D' in black.
"I want....that one!" I said pointing at it. The guy reached odor it and got it down.
"A one direction fan are you eh?" He asked. I looked at Zayn and we both started cracking up. The guy looked at us like we were freaks!
"I guess you could say!" I said taking the guitar from him. " I just hope that one day I get to meet them and get their signatures on it!" I said keeping it serious.
"Aye you have a sharpie?!" Zayn asked the guy. He gave him one and un capped it.
"1/5 of your wish has came true tonight." Zayn said signing the thing. The guy got big eyed and took a picture. "Your.Zayn?! My dough tear loves you!!! Could you like follow her or call her or something?!" The guy said. "Yeah sure! What's her number?" Zayn asked taking his phone out.
"I'll call her when I get home. Thanks for the guitar!" Zayn yelled back as we walked away..Zayn has multiple personalities and that are all....really nice and chill! Time for the concert! And something unbelievable was just about to happen.....

(So what do you guys think?! Comment and like!!!!---NIKKI)
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