Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


25. Chapter 23

I hear someone enter my room. I still pretend that I'm sleeping but curios as in who it is. Niall. I feel his lips press against my forehead, then nose, then both of my cheeck, then each of my eyes. I slowly flutter them open as if I am just waking up. "Good morning beautiful!" He says smiling and pressed his lips on mine. He begged for entranced. I pull away. "I'm sorry babe but I haven't brushed my teeth yet!!" I confess. He looks at me funny. "I really don't long as your mine, you can have the worst breath on earth and I would still kiss you." He said. I lsughed. "Niall Horan, you are one strange guy!" I say teasingly. He pouts a bit. "But that's why you love me right?!" He asked batting his eyelashes. "Suuure. Whatever makes you feel better!" I say with a big smile. He pouts and leaves the room. "Niall!!!!!" I say running to him and jumping on him. He thankfully catches me and I smashed my lips on his passionately. "I'm sowwy." I say. He chuckles. "How could I stay mad at you?!" He asked sarcastically. " on idk... Maybe if I like stabbed you to death... I think you would be pretty mad then, dontcha think?" I say seriously joking. He smiles. "Even then I would still love you.." This guys is super sweet! "Awwww nialler!!! I'll keep that in mind when I'm killing you." I say s,idling. He just kinda rolled his eyes and carried me to the kitchen. "GOOD,ORNING LOVE BIRDS!!" Louis yells in our face. I tense up. "Good morning Lou bear!" I scream back. "Hey! That is my nickname for Lou bear!!" Harry says bothered. I giggled. "So I was thinking last night..... I kinda wanna spend a day with every single one of you guys..separately. So I can like get to know you guys better! What do you guys think?" I ask. I mean Harry is my brother and all I know about him is what is in the Internet!! That's pretty sad. They all noded in agreement. "So who do you wanna be with first?!" Harry asked. Out of habit with friends I blurted "not your sorry ass!" Then I ran to him and hugged him. "I'm sorry Harry!! It kinda just came out!!" I admit. He chuckles. "Sis, it's fine, us boys joke around like that all the time! It's pretty funny though how it came naturally to you" he said. I smiled and stroke a pose..."um anyways I was hinting I could hang witn ZAYN today yeah?" I asked looking at me. He seemed actually exited. "Yeah sounds cool" he said calmly. I'm gonna make ZAYN have the greatest time of his life.., he'll see.....
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