Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


24. Chapter 22

The concert was just a few days away!!! "Still a bit nervousness?" Liam asked as we got back in the car. "Yeah just a bit" I lied.more like a lot!!! "Don't worry I think at nice each of us had this problem. Anyways who's hungry?" Liam asked changing the subject. Everybody said they were and we headed of to eat. My twitter was blowing up!! There was a bit of hate but hey..HATERS GONNA HATE!!! Lol anyways we all ate and decided to go back to my place. "So what do you guys wanna do?!" I ask eagerly. "Let's go for a swim yeah?!" Louis asked. I smiled and nodded. We all went to our rooms to change. This was the perfect time to use my new bikini I had just bought!! I quickly change and throw on a flows cover up. I see the boys already outside splashing around. I walk outside and as I'm walking I take the over throw off. Instantly all of them stared.....EVEN HARRY!!! "Mate... Your sister is Hot!" Zayn whispered. Harry must have heard sister and smacked all the boys. "That's my sister you idiots!!" He said. I couldn't help but giggle. I go to the deep end and dive perfectly into the ice cold water. This felt amazing!! "You look amazing." I heard an Irish accent say as I came up for air. I smile and lean in to kiss him. Before I could press my lips on his someone splashes us! "No! Bad Nikki!!" Harry said jokingly. Wanna play that way?! Ok! "I'm sorry Harry!!!" I say super nice. He smiles big as in control. I smile back and get out of the pool. I go to he shed and pull out this massive water gun like twice my size. I sneak up behind Harry and blast it. "What..ow! The...ow! Hell?! Ow!" Harry said jumping around. The boys all went to the shed and grab a gun. Soon this turned into a massive water gun fight!!! "Ok ok enough! Ima go get the grill so we can make hamburgers!!!!!" I yell. "No! You started this!! Now your gonna get it!" Harry said with an evil grin. I put a scared look n my face and as soon as he blasted water Niall jumped in front of me."NOOOOOOO!" I yell as he fell to the ground. "You saved me!!! How will I ever repay you before your death?!" Said in a British accent. "" He croaked. I slowly leaned down and kiss him softly. He jumped right up. "True loves kiss can heal anything!!!" He said acting surprised. Harry just rolled his eyes in defeat. "Let's just face it Harry.... Nothing can separate this love!!" I say. "We'll see about that.." He said evily. I then grab the meet for burgers and start marking them. "Well who's up for burgers?!" I yell.

After we ate we all sat on the patio. "We'll Nikki have you thought of a song to sing?" Liam asked me. "Oh that reminds me. Yeah. Have a few just tell me which ones!!.... There's..I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE, EVERYBODY TALKS, CALL ME MAYBE, LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN, IT WILL RAIN, and GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK" I say. " we'll it's only five song.. I think you should leave CALL ME MAYBE out." Harry said. The boys agreed. "Ok so now to help you get rid of your fear we invited a few of our friends over and your gonna sing got it?!" Louis said eagerly. I swear my jaw dropped. "H-e-l-l n-o.." I say slowly. Soon enough the doorbell rings. I go to answer it and is Justin...Bieber, Demi Lovato, Taylor swift, Ed sheeran, Olly Murs, Cher Loyd, and Simon Cowell. "Um......hi" I say awkwardly. "Nikki!" The said in unison and each gave me a hug. " not to sound rude or anything..but.. What are you Gus doing n my house?! I asked as they were all talking amongst the,selves. They look at me and smiled. "They are here to hear you sing! Oh and get over that fear of yours!!" Liam said. They all sat down in the theater room and Niall walked me up front. Now just sing the songs you were going to sing." He said pecking my checks. Simon handed me the microphone. I clenched it so hard my knuckles turn white. I pictured myself in the shower( I know weird!!) I soon began t sing the first song I never opened y eyes. Second song, nada. Third song, still closed. Fourth song, I wanted to open but didn't. Finally on the last song I opened it and gave it my best. Everyone was smiling. When I Sang the last word they applauded. "See it isn't that bad!!!" Zayn spoke up first. Soon everyone came and told me I had talent and soon they were gone. In just 3 days I will have to preform this I front of thousands of girls not just 12 people....SHIT!!!
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