Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


23. Chapter 21

Onced they payed up we raced to the car. Liam was ahead but being the track star I race a little bit ahead of him. "I won! I won! I won!!" I say imitating Harry in one of their old videos. "But..but..but..." Liam pouts. "Aw Liam! Its not your fault ive trained for half my life to be a track star!" I say rubbing his back. He sticks his toungue out at me. These boys are so childish! We hopped in the car. I was a bit nervouse of the interview. I mean Im announcing me and Harry. Plus me and Niall! "Its ok babe! Youre gonna be fine. Just be yourself." Niall comforts. I look up at him. "Thanks baby! You always know what to say." I say pressing my lips on his. "Oi! What did i say! No kissing nfront of me!!!" Harry yells. I giggle a bit. "Aww. Does Harry Berry want some Nikki love?" I ask in a baby voice. He glares at me. "No." He bluntly states. I quickly kiss his cheek. "ew! Those lips have been all over Niall and now its on my cheek!" He yells wiping it away. We all bursted out laughing. "Well boo bear.. Thats what you get for letting your little sister date your best mate.." Louis says. It must be weird for him. I mean it would be weird to find Harry making out with my best friend too. We finally arrive at the interview place. Fans are EVERYWHERE! Literally! I think Niall read me and interwinded his fingers with mine. He gave them a little squeeze. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. I got this. Sorta. The guards made way for us. It was so loud i thought for a second that i had gone deaf! "Well that was intense.." I say once we were inside. "That is like a normal routine for us.So if your going to be touring with us you better get used to it!" Louis said. Tour?! "Im touring with you guys?!" I ask exitedly. "LOUIS!!" The boys yelled. "Oops! I forgot!" He stated. "Well the reason we came to your work was cause we wanted to ask you if you wanted to open for us at our concerts...but ever since the Harry and Niall thing we totally forgot and was going to ask you later. But Louis ruined it!" Liam explained. "Well I would love to go!!! Wait.....I dont think ive told you but... Im a bit stage fright. I mean im all nervouse about doing an interview! Much less signing infront of Millions of people!!" I confesed. They gawked at me. "You...Stage fright?! Thats impossible!" Niall exclaimed. "Well im fun and outgoing but not on a stage..No. I cant do that." I reply. "Well help you get through it dont worry. But i think we should get going!" LIam said. We went up to the room where everything happens. This was going to be live on TV! The boys introduced me to the interview lady before we actually started the show. "We're on in 3....2.....1" The director said. "Hey peeps! This is ----- and today we have a few special guest! Girls get ready to go crazy!! Its ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" She announced. The camera zoomed in on us. Niall was still griping my hand. Thats the only thing thats really holding me down. We waved at the camera. "Well guys i see we have a new member here with us yeah?" She asked. "Um well theres a bit weve got to tell all of you! Some very exiting news actually!" Louis said. "Is that so? Why dont you guys tell us?" She replied. "Well you see..Nikki's boss posted a video of Nikki singing and we absolutly loved her! We surprised her by going to her job. Later we found out that she was adopted. He adopted parents died a few days before. They had left her a note saying her real family. And it hapened to be mine. Nikki here is my sister!" Harry said hugging me. "Wow! Thats a lot to take in. But did you guys just assumed that it was your family?" She asked. "No we actually went to get tested. So for sure were family." I surprisingly said. "See its not so bad!" Niall whispered. "Well thats amazing! SO how do you feel about being all the teen girls heart throbs sister?" She asked. Weird Question. "Um well i was a fan myself so at first surprised but afeter the first day i felt like i belonged with these boys i mean their all i have." I sate. She nods. "Wow. well congrats on you two...No who is single out of all of you?! Thats one of the fans question. Only Harry raised his hand. "Wow! All of you are taken! I mean i know about Liam and Louis and Zayn..but Niall! Whos the special gal!?" She asked. He looked at me and smiled. "Its her. Nikki." He said not taking his eyes off mine. I smiled as he siad the words. "What?! Your dating Harrys sister!? How does that feel Harry?" She asked. "Erm.. kinda gross really. I sometimes se them kissing and its weird. Like really weird." He said in disgust. She laughed. "Well that must be interesting! So much has gone on with Nikki! Is there any other news we should know?" She asked me. I looked at the boys and they noded in approval. "Well I will be touring with them and opening them for all their concerts!" I say exitedly. "Thats fantastic! So we will be seeing you alot more ofeten! Well guys there you have it!! ONE DIRECTION! AND NIKKI STYLES!!!!!" she yelled. "AND CUT!" The director yelled. That wasent so bad as i thought. Now to get rid of my stage fright.....I got this!




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