Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


22. Chapter 20

"Love, love wake up we have to get ready to go..." I'm a wake but I want to see what he will do. After a couple mins of silence I feel the bed and covers shift and feel his strong arms wrap around my waist the next thing I know I feel his soft lips on mine and I can't help but smile through the kiss. He pulls away "I knew you were a wake. Good morning darling how did you sleep?" " Good morning handsome! I slept good it would have been better if you were here but what about you?" "Same I'm much more confortable with you in my arms princess! But we ha-" he was going to finished but he got interrupted by Harry swing the door wide open with Louis behind him! They stop dead in their tracks. "What are you two doing we have an interview to gow to and your doing something that I would have hoped you would have waited on till after a couple weeks." Louis says we look at Harry and he's frozen and we look at each other and start cracking up laughing cause I'm still in my cow onsie and Niall is dress for the interview. "!! "We both explains through laughs and get up and we see Harry breath again. Niall and I finally start calming down and I have the energy to say "now get out so I can change and get ready." "I think you look beautiful just like this!" Niall says while wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing me on the lips. There goes the fireworks again. ~~~~ I just took a shower and did my hair & makeup; I put it in a high ponytail and curled the ends. Am rummaging through my closet and I find a three quarter gray with black letters shirt that says 'Yo, smart is cool!' And I put on some purple skinny jeans with my custom black, purple,and gray Supras that say "Love is Love" on the back of each of them. I am walking out of my room when I hear "I bet you $20 she will take longer than Zayn!" Louis says "Your on but if she's anything like me you will owe me my money!" Harry says and I hear the laugh that I love so much. Then he says "I bet you both $50 that they will come down the stairs at the same time having a conversation!" "Oh your on bro." says Harry "Prepare to be out $50." Louis says just then I hear see Zayn from the corner of my eye walking about of the bathroom and he turns to look to me. I signal for him for me to follow me into my room. He does and I explain to him he just laughs while getting up and says "Well then what do you want to talk about?" I giggle and say "movies!" So we walk down the stairs talking about movies when we reach the bottom we see Niall smiling and Harry and Louis staring at us with their mouths open and Liam is chuckling then Niall says "man I should have said a hundred each oh well pay up!" He gets his money and we leave. A/N: hi guys I'm the the co-writer and I feel terrible because I haven't helped much! I will try to do better this is my first one so I hope you like it comment what you think. I want to know your thoughts! -Mickey
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