Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


2. Chapter 2

"ok let me explain..... Your friend out ther secretly recorded you singing at work and posted it in YouTube...." I cut him (liam) off by yelling. "She what?! Ok I'm really going to kill her now! Whily did she do that! I sing bad enough I don't want other people criticizing me!" I was really mad and they could tell. "Let me finish..." he stated. I nod allowing him to go on. "Our record dealer saw it and absolutely fell in love with you! Since you were singing one of our songs,he sent us here to surprise you and ask you a few things!" He said excitedly. I looked at them in confusion. "Am I getting Punked?!" They just start laughing. I personally don't think it's funny but ok. "Well I guess not! Y'all wanna go in the office? It has some chairs to sit in " I say. They all nod. "Dione I'm going in the office!!" I yell into the store. "Wait! Here." she says handing me a really heavy box. I give her a confused look. "It's for you it just arrived. Have fun!" She winks. Thus girl. I wonder whats in the box. "well open it!! It might be carrots! Oh if it's carrots you need to share! SHARING IS CARING!!" Louis yells. I just roll my eyes. I open the box and inside is an enveloped with a duffle bag under. I pick up the letter and open it. Thus can't be! It was my moms handwriting! Oh that's right! I haven't told you. Well my parents have just recently died in a car wreck on Monday. (today's Wednesday) inside the letter read:

Dear jazz
Hey baby girl! I know that if you are reading this that something terrible has happened to us. I'm really sorry we can't be there for you now. But we also have to tell you something.... We are not your real parents. I know. I didn't know how else to tell you so if your mad at us I understand. But I want you to go find your real family and get to know them. Your moms name is Anne styles. You also have a brother his name is Harold Edward styles. Goodluck finding them baby! I know we aren't your real parents but you will always have a special place in my heart. Also your mom kept sending us money every month just to make sure you were happy. He is just a little of the money that's left. Thank you for being such a great kid!
Love mom and dad

I'm full on crying now! They weren't my parents?! This is a lot to take in. I feel someone give me a hug. Idk who it is but I just hug them tighter. "what's wrong love?" Harry asked standing infront of me. I look at him for what seems ages. I hand him the letter and go back to sobbing into....Niall? After a few minutes Harry grabs me and pulls me close. "I've always wanted a sister." He says sniffling a little. "WHAT!!!" All the boys say trying to read the letter. Once they finished they joined us in the hug. "welcome to the family!" no this isn't true this is all just a dream! "Guys there's lots of harrys and Annes out there. I'm not sure who my family is yet." they all look at ne in disbelief. I'm only saying what's true! "Well why don't we go to the DNA testing facility to Check?!" Harry asked/stated. "You would really do that? For me?" no ones really liked me except for like 5 people so people doing things for me is rare. "Yes but also for me. I want to know if I have a sister or not so I can spoil her to death!" oh Harry!! "Well come on! What are you waiting for!" Louis yells as he runs out the door. I wonder If this is a dream?!
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