Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


21. Chapter 19


She said Yes!!!! I was so glad to finally feel her soft kissable lips on mine. The day i had been dreming of finally was reality. How do I deserve a perfect girl like her? The boys all teased and joked on the ride home. Im pretty glad they set this all up. Nikki got to sit on my lap for he car ride home. "Ok so here are the rules you love birds, I am Your brother.." Harry directed at Nikki. "And yu are one of my best mates.." He said looking at me. "Just please dont do anything in frot of me.. it would kinda creepmme out a little.." He said honestly. "Like this?" Nikki said while crashing her lips on mine and deepening the kiss. "Yes, yes yes! Stop it! dont do that!!" He screamed covering his face. we seperated and had a laugh."That wasent very nice.." He pouts. "Aww poo Harry Berry!" She said while kissing his cheek. I gasp and hold my heart and pretend to be hurt. "Aw! Nialler! yu know your the only one! Harry is just.....Harry" She said not knowing what to say about him. We alllaughed. "Alright guys well tomorrow we have an interview, Nikki would you like t come? We can tell everyone abou you and Harry, and you and Niall if you want." Liam said not lifting his eyes from the road. She looked at me for approval. "Babe, if you want to then yes of course!" I said. She smiled. "Yeeah. That soundslike fun!" She yelled. I cant wait to show her off! Wait! what if she gets hate?! How will she react?! I try not to worr and just enjoy me being with her. Icant believe shes really MINE! We soon got to her house. "Well goodnigt babe." I say kissig her. "Good nght!" She said after we had parted. Now tolook fward to tomorrow!


I walked to my room after saying goodnightto the other boys. I cant beleive Niall was my BOYFRIEND! wow i dont have the words to describe my feelings right now. And tomorrow we go public! I dont think my life could get an better! I quickly change into my cow pj's(I know im weird but its like a onsie thingy!) I wash my face and brush my teeth. I also tie my hair in a messy bun.I jumped onto my bed and pulled my keyboard(Piano) out. YeshI also play th epiano. Istarted to practise some songs I knew. I o th everynight. It sorta calms me down a bit. I soon fall asleep dreaming of tomorrow. Will it go bad? Will it be good? Will they like me? Am I good enough? Should I even go?!

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