Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


19. Chapter 18


I was about to kiss Nikki! until Louis HAD to ruin it! I wanted this day to happen sooooo bad! but right when it was going to happen, Louis came walking in.Wait if she started leaning in too,does that mean she like me? Or was she just being nice? Gosh i wish i knew hr feelings for me. Well now i guess were heading to the mall for no apparant reason. I just wanted to stay home and chill with Nikki! "Ok guys! we are going to split on in grops so we dont get to lost ok? The groups are Nikki, Liam, And Me..  Theother is Niall, Harry, And Louis. Ok?" Zayn said. I wanted to be with Nikki! I bet their doing this on purpose so i can sufur. Zayn must have read my mind. "And no changing groups.. got it?" He said looking straight at me. He always seemed t ead me lkea open book. The rest of th ride cosisted of dancing, signing, lauging,ad just fooling around! We can just be ourselves without Nikki judging on that were famouse andshould be acting like a wild child. Thats yet another thing i love about her. I think the list goes on foreve. "Ok mates get into you groups! ell tex ech other when were done!" Louis said draggingme along with harry. I cough a gimpse of Nikki. she seemed t be having fun with the oter boys. Does she like them?! "Niall?!' Harry asked shacking me. "Oh.. sorry.. what was that?" I ask trying o to act like i was thinking of her. "I asked you were you wanted to go.. what are you thinking about mate?" Harry said with concern in his eye. Could i tell him? Would he get mad for me liking his sister? " Oh aaywheres fineand nothing really just things.." In say walking to the nearest store and looking at the clothes. "He knows Nall..." Louis says. WHAT?! He promised! "Yeah and im cool with it Niall.. I bet you anything her feeelings are the same for you.. But if you guys do get together.. I willn personally rip your eyes out and shove them down your trought so you can see me choking you if you hurt my sister.. got it?!" I wanted to laugh so hard over his descripton but he seemed dead serious. I manage to keep it in. "Yeah mate.. I dont ever want t hurt her!" I say. He smiles. "Good! Now lets go shopping!!" ouis says. Oh Louis and his shopping. We head down to the shoe store. After i was looking for a bit i grabed a pair that inteested me quite a bit. "Hey boys.. what do you think abo-" I turn around and their goone! Weird. Then i got a text.

Louis- Go meet us at the beach! Were all here already!

Wow. thanks for leaving me mates.. They really are the best! (Note the sarcasm.)

 I quockle call a taxi. "Where off.." He says. "Erm to the closet beach.." soon louis gave me directions. I showed the driver and he noded. Well this is going to be fun.



I grabed adress from the rack. Oh the boys are gonna laugh at this one! "Hey what do you guys think of thi-" I turn aroundanf=d their not there. Great. I soon get a text from Zayn.

From Zayn- Meet us at the beach! Were all here!!

Well thanks fo the ride guys! I really appreaciate it. I soon call a cab. "To the Venice beach!" I say. he nods and drives off. Soon enough i got there. There was no one her. huh. weird! Lam is standing by himself. "Thanks for the heads up Liam!" Sarcasm clearly in my voice. He smiles shyly. But doesnt talk. "Whats up with you?" I ask he was dressed in a suit. He gives me a note. And runns off. Why are biys so weird?

Hello Nikki! well here is your first clue! Go 50 steps foward and then turn to your right there should be your next clue. ~Lou Bear!~

I do what it says. Next thing I know I found Zayn. "Please tell me whats going on!" I say. He smiles evily but shrugs. He gives e a note and runs in the same direction as Liam.

Ok yay! You actually gpt the second clue! I bet your wondering whats going on! But guess what?! You have to follow the clues to find out! Ok now theres a little bench up ahead and there should be your net clue! Have fun! ~Harry Berry~

Whats up with their Nick names?

Ok  I kinda see a bench so i jog up to it. Harry Is there. "Harry! C'mon your my brother! You can tell me right?!" I say. He shrugs and does like the other boys.

Yes! You Did it! Ohk that sounded a bit like dora! Anyways on to your next adventure. Follow a little trail we made with daisys. They should lead toyour next clue! Have funn! ~Zayn the Vain~

They really need help on Nick names. I follow the daisys and fing Louis. I just glare at him and snatch the note out of his hand and watch him run.

Wel you got this far! Your so close tou your surprise up ahead! Be prepaired!! Oh and your clue.. Just walk foward until you see light. Then Just walk p to it. easy right?! Well there should be your last final clue! Have fun!~Liam Payne~

Finally! Someone with a normal name! I do wha it says. I see niall with a note. "Oh not you too!" I say. "haha i know im sorry." He talked! " You talked!!!!" I scream and hug him. He chuckles. "Well i hope i do i mean i am a singer, so i suppose i kinda need to talk." He says sarcasticlly. I smack his arm. "Ok so what is my final note?" Iask. he takes it out. But its in a reactangular box. "Nikki.. Heres your final note.but! may i reaqdit aot loud?" I nod. "It says.. Nikki, I hsve felll in love wth you from the moment i saw you. Yous smile, your personality, your...everything. The way you blush when i complement you, the way you look down when your insecure, the way you look away when i get lost in your eyes. Nikk you are my everything. Iknow we sorta just met, but.. Nikki will you do the honors of being mine?" I was surly crying by now. No one..and i mean no one has ever done this just for me. He was still waiting for an answer, but icouls not make for words. So i just crashed my lips onto his. SPARKS BOMBS FIREWRKS GRENADES! Anthing that explodes, you name it! Wow his lips felt, jus so.. so right! I pull apart. "So im going to tak e that as a yes.." He says looking at me. I laughed and kissed him agai. Soon we heard applauses from behind. "Oh erm.. did we inturupt?" Zayn asked smiling like an idiot. we both glare at them. " Oh I forgot. Here.." Nial said giving me a box. I near,y cried! Inside was a necklase. It was silver and it had two N's on it. On the back of Th eN's ithad the exact thing he had just said to me. I looked at him. 'Niall.. This is beautiful! Wow." I say. I pull my hair back as sonn as he puts it on. soon th eboys started to sing, 'Little Things' I hugged him and kissed him until Louis yelled at u. "No PDA IN THE the BEACH!!"I just glared at him. "Thank you niall. For everything." I truely loved this little irish nerd!



A/N How was it?! I though it was ok! I liked the littleadventure thiongie! Ok well comment your thoughts!! Love you my  little Niallers!!!


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