Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


18. Chapter 17


I cant beleive i just admitted that. I really do like her though. Louis smiles at me mysteriously. "You PROMISED not to say anything Lou!" I yell. I certainly didnt want any one to find out! especialy HARRY! "Gosh! I wont! Calm your booty down!" He yells back. Knowing Louis...everyones about to know. Oh well. Its my fault for telling him. I roll my eyes and head downstairs. Nikki is glaring at Zayn. "WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE?!" Louis yells. Oh Louis. She glares at him. "I dont see anything wrong with it. Its perfect." I managed to say. She blushes. How cute! 'So what do you guys want to do today?!" She asked changing the subject. I Think until my thoughts were rudly interupted. 'MAY I SPEACK TO HARRY,ZAYN, AND LIAM PLEASE! ITS A BIT SECRETIVE!!!" He yells. I wonder what it could be. The boys looked confused but did as they were told. Now im completly alone with Nikki.


I called the boys into the bathroom. "Ok.. I have gathered you here today, because Niall has just admitted to me his Love for Nikki. Harry..any news?!" I ask. I mean Niall hasent really liked a girl this much so when he does. A bro has to help his bro! "Oh...erm..yeah.. I made Nikki admitt to me her love for him as well.." He says awkwardly. Hah! Poor kid. It must be awkward for him since its his best mate and his sister. Everyone looks at each other and smiles. "Thats so adorable!" Liam says. "Ok so i was thinking of making them go on their date today! Everyone, say you guys are going to go shooping to find something to wear. We will then split off in the mall. Instead of us shopping we will drive out to the beach and set up. Then we'll text them saying to meet us there! What do you think?!?!" I ask. I mean this has to be my best idea yet! "Perfect!" They all say. Oh this is going to be good!


So Louis is up to something and wont tell me an Niall. Infact he thought it was so secretive that he had to tell them in the bathroom! Now im left alone in the kitchen with Niall. "SO.... what do you want for brakfast?" niall asked. "Oh its ok! I'll cook! you guys are my guest you know.." I say. Plus i was used to cooking because I live by myself and all. "No. You have let us come into your home and I need to thank you for that!" He says. "Niall its really ok. I--" He cuts me off. "Nikki you will be eating eggs and bacon..understood." He asked trying to keep a straight face. I burst out laughing and so does he. "aye captain!" I salut. "Yeah thats right! I am the CAPTAIN!" He says in his announcer voice. Oh what this boy does to me. I grab some water in my hands and throw it at him. He quickly turns around. He smiles. SHIT! he grads a cup and fills it with water and dumps it on me. "Oh its on..Like DONKEY KONG!" I scream. I grab a plastic deep bowl and fill it up and chunck it at him. Soon we were in an all out water war. he laughed so hard that he sliped and fel to the floor! I reach over to help him up. I accidentally slip and fall right on top of him."ephm. oh.." He was slowly leaning in. WHAT!? Was this him just trying to be nice? What the hay.. I slowly lean in. We were centimeters apart when Louis came in. "Were going to the m- Oh well im sorry if im interpting anything!" He says. I quickly get up..soaking yet. Niall does the same. were both beet red. " No.. em... we were just having a water war and we sliped an-" I tried to explain. "Suuure.. I seee." he says. whatever. "Well you loe birds better be getting ready cause were going to the MALL!" He announces. I quickly go to my room and start to get ready. Was I just about to kiss Niall?!



A/N- Hello my lovely readers! So whatcha think! Eh?! Haha well im still grounded and im doing this on the sneaky side.. but im doing this for you! i will update as much as i can I promise! I love you! STAY BEAUTIFUL!<3

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