Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


17. Chapter 16


"Harry! We should put Nikki and Niall in the same bed!!!" I whisper shout my idea to him as i pick up Nikki bridal style as he does to Niall. He looks at me with a grin on his face. "PERFECT." he says. We walk into her house like if it was ours. The rest of the boys go straight to the living room to watch T.v. We went up to the room where niall had slept the night before.we carfully tucked them under the covers. Almost instantly Niall wraped his arm around her little waist. They are so cute! I pulle dout my phone and took a picture. 'Arent they ADORABLE?!' i posted on twitter. We quickle left the room. "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED PART 1" we shout in unision. Of course the other boys heard and questioned. We explained and by the time we were done they all had grins on their faces. Oh this will be absolutly fun! we said our goodnights and went to sleep. I cant wait until they make it official!


I woke up to someone in my arms. NIKKI?! how is she in my arms! Why are we sleeping together?! Why am i questioning this!? This feels so righ in so many ways. I wish she was, I  completly mine. Oh how i wish... I decided to let it be and just enjoy the moment. I closed my eyes and felt her move a little. I pretend to be asleep so she doesnt th9ink im a creeper or anything. I feel her turn to face me. she strokes my hair and my cheek. It left little tingles where her hand used to be. If only she knew what i truly feel for her. I slowly flutter my eyes open as if i am just waking up. She quickly realises I have woken up and blushes. "Morning Beautiful!" I say in my  morning voice.


"Morning Beautiful!" He says in an amazingly sexy morning voice. if only he knew what I truely feel for him. "Morning Cutie!" i reply. Why was i even in his bed?! "Um..qick question...what am I doing on your bed?!" I ask calmly. I mean all i remember is falling asleep in the car! "To be truly honest.. i was wondering the same thing....Not that i mind! but Im a bit confused." he said. god he was cute. "Well i guess we should get up and eat." i say. as of on cue my tummy growled. And then so did his! We both started laughing like Maniacs! i think we woke up the whole houses because seconds later a tired group of boys were at our door. "what are you idiots laughing at?!" Louis asked tiredly. Poor boys. "Nothing!" we both replied quickly. we looked at each other and started laughing again! I dont think i have ever laughed so much in my life! "SEE!! I TOLD YOU THEY WE|RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!" Louis screamed at the boys. They all started laughing. wait....did he just say that?! I turned away and blushed. I looked at Niall nd he did the same. "Ok love birds lets go make breakfast!" Zayn said as he hugged both of us. I stuck my toungue out at him. "Meanie." I say under my breath. I know. Im really childesh! I hurry to my bathrooom and brush my teeth. I run downstairs to find Harry in my 'Kiss the cook' apron. I sneak up behind him and kiss him on the cheek. "Oi! save those kisses for Niall!" he says with a grin. I slap his head."What!? C'mon Nikki! No ones here! Just tell me! I AM your brother you know." Gosh. If i could tell anyone anything it probably would be family. And well.....he is family. "Ok.i admit, I like Niall." I say no louder than a whisper. "Sorry, didnt hear you!" Harry teases. "Harry its hard enough to actually admit to myself!" I shout. "Admit what to yourself?!" Liam said walking into the kitchen. "Is it your love to Niall?!" Zayn said peeking in through the island in the kitchen. WTF?! "How did you know?!" i shout. "Well i didnt.. it was just a joke, but.. now you just told us!" He said. -_- Really. I glare at him. "What!? You did this to yourself!" He said. God i hate him so much right now!


I walk into my bathroom at brush my teeth. When i finished there was no one in my room but Louis. "Nialler!" he shouts. 'Lou-bear!" i reply. He looks at me funny. "What?" i say. "So....anything you want to tell me about...Nikki?!" Nikki? what was he talking about? HE cant possibly know can he?! Is it that obviouse?! "No..i dontknow what your talking about!" I reply. "C'mon Niall! No ones here! I promise i wont tell! Please please please please please-" God this would have gone forever. "yesh Lou! I like her...alot actually. More than i wanted too" I reply no louder than a whisper. This was true. I have never wanted to love a girl more than i wanted because i know im just going to get my heart broken even more. But this time...this time.. my heart didnt listen. She stole my heart. And now.. I have to steal hers.





(A\N- Hello my beautiful readers! Tell me how you think this is going! I dont mid the critism! I actually want you guys to tell me if you dont like something so i can try to fix it! I love my readers and i want to make you happy! Please comment your opinion and anything you think i should change! I LOVE YOU BAIES!! Stay beautiful!<30

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