Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


16. CHapter 15


Just to shut him up i kissed him. I really did like him and i wanted to show him i did. When i crashed my lips onto his i felt...Like i could do anything. I had never expirienced this with anyone else. Wow.When we broke apart we were breathing heavy. "So im going to take that as a yeas?!" He said smiling like an idiot. Boys. "Yes, you stupid cute little boy!" I replied back. "SO now the real question is..Nikki would you go non a date with me?" How in the world would i say no! "Of course!" I yelp. He chuckles. I snuggle up into the crook of his neck in the cold night air. This is truely amazing.



We left Niall and Nikki by themselves while the rest of us went to ride the rollercoasters. While we were walking there Louis and I were talking. " How would you feel if Niall fancied Nikki?" He asked randomly. Why would he be asking that? "Erm..well first I would have a talk with him, about if he breaks her i will personally beat him to death, but then i would just let it be. I mean I cant help it if they fall for each know?" I replied back. It was sorta true. I mean it would be weird for my best mate to be with my sister, but if there happy then their happy. "Well.....HE DOES!!" He shouts. What?! how could he not tell me this?! "How do you know?!" I ask. "Well i mean just look at the way her looks at her when they talk or how when we happen to say her name he looks around frantically! Its pretty obvious in my opinion!" He says. I guess i havent been paying attention to all of that! How could i have not seen it!"And Nikki does the same about Niall.." He stateted. Wow. Im so obliviouse! "Louis.....Plan G.T.N.A.N is undergo." I say. "Plan Get TOgether Niall And Nikki!? Yaya!! May i help!!!" He shouts back. The rest of the boys look back. uh oh! "What about Nikki and Niall?" Zayn asked. "Erm..well.. louis was saying that maybe we should go out and start looking for them since its getting dark..."  I make up. Phew. he nods and we head our way out. Now all I got to do is help them admit to themselves their feelings. Thats going to be tough.


I have the perfect idea. So first i am going to help Niall and Nikki just admit their feelings for each other to i will plan a little romantic picnic setup at the beach for the both of them...I will teaxt both of them saying to meet us there but they will only find each other..TA DA!! Then what ever they do next is up to them! (If you know what i mean! *waggles eye brows*) This is going to be fun!!! We slowly made our way the the entrance of the park where we told them to meet us. Harry and I smile real big infront of them. " What are you guys up to...?" Nikki and Niall say at the same time. I told you they were perfect! "Oh...Nothing>>>JUst  you know... I Guess were just HAPPY!" I say. Harry nods in agreenment. "Oh who knows what goes on in their heads..." Nikki says rolling her eyes. "Ok gang lets go. Its getting dark. "Yes DADDY!" We all reply. "LOUIS! My feet hurt!" Harry yells. "I'll save you!" I saw while throwing him on my back and givivng him a piggy back ride. IDEA! "Hey Niall! I bet you cant beat me! With Nikki on your back!" I taunt. He looks at Nikki and they both nod. "Ok...On your marks.....get set....CARROTS!!!" I scream. Ahh carrots are so should try some! We both start running to the car. Sure enpugh...THEY WON! "Thats not fair!" Harry and I pout. We jump into the car. The last thing we heard from Nikki and Ni8all were a few snores. Oh I have Another IDEA!! IM so smart! ME and my ideas! HELL YESH!!!!

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