Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


14. Chapter 13

"Are you guys rea---WOW! Whats up with yo two?!" Louis yelled coming down the stairs. At first i didnt understand why he said that but then realised that Nikki was still in my arms. "Oh...Um.. well you see....She was cold but i had the blanket...and so we kinda just shared." I explained truthfully. Its not like she liked me anyways...Right? "SUUURRRRRRE!! Well try explaning that to Harry." He sai like he didnt believe us. "Explain what to me?" Harry said. SHIT! "Nothing really..." Louis and I said together. I guess Nikki's asleep because she hasent said a word. "Well then lets go!!" He yelled. As soon as i got up, Nikki kinda twitched. Hah. Shes so cute. I gently pick her up bridal style and carry her to the car. Once again.. the car only has 5 seats. LIam and Harry are in the front. I was on a window seat because i had Nikki on me. As soon as everyone had their little conversations Louis started to bug me. "SO you fancy her mate?! Do ya, Do ya?" He kept saying it over and over. "Yeah...I really think i do. From the first time i laid eyes on her.. I knew she was the one..." I admit no louder than a whisper. He had a huge grin on his face. Oh Louis. No one knew what went on that head of his.



"Yeah...I really think i do. From the first time i laid eyes on her.. I knew she was the one..." Niall said no louder than a whisper. Who were they talking about? I had only heard this part as i woke up. I really wanted to know who so i can quickly get over him. I know it may take a long time... I really liked him...When i first met him with a huge smile on his face.. I thought I knew he was the one. I guess not. I flutter my eyes open slowly, taking in my surrounding. "Morning Love, how did you sleep?" Niall's angeletic voice said. Oh Niall. If only you knew. "Morning. And good! I guess i was really tired." I say looking around me. We were in a car, Im guessing going to the Amusement park. "Nikki! Will you ride all the rides with me?!" Louis yelled in my ear. Whats up with Louis yelling so much? "Of course Boo!" i yell back. "SO ...hes your Boo?" Niall said with the most adorable sad face. Why would he care if he likes someone else? "Louis my boo... But your my fasvorite BOo!" i say as i hug him. We all started laughing. Yesh i know.. IM FUNNY! Not really but they think so! We finally arrive and i jump out of the car. "I havent been to one of these since i was little!" i say. "WHAT?! How could you have survived!" Louis says. "Eating! Duh!!" I say. Its ture if you hadent noticed... I eat ALOT!!!! "Well you really are Nialls match arent you?!" ZAyn says. I blush tremendously. I think i jus saw Niall blush too? Weird. "C'mon guys! Lets go!!" I say running to the ticket lady. I grab my wallet out to pay when someone takes it from me. NIall. "Hey!I need to pay!" I say pouting. He chickles. "THe girl never pays on a date!" He said. Date? " this is a date?" I say. He blushes and realised what he had just said. "Only if you want it to." He says quietly.Was he serious? While i was thinking he had the time to pay for me. I glare at him. "Next time Im paying."{ i say bluntly. "Oh so you want there to be another date?" He questioneds. "Only if you want to." I say mocking him. He both chuckle and head on our way. "Erm.Guys! ME and the rest of the boys are going to the swings.. You guys can come but its up to you." Harry says. I look up to Niall. "Do you want to?" he asked. "Not reakky but if you want to go thats fine." I say back. He shakes his head at Harry. He then nods and runs back to the boys. "So where do you want to go, Love?' he asked. He can really make a girl feel special. It was pretty dark outside. "Um... how about the ferris wheel?!" I say exited. He nods and laughs at my childness. We walk up to the ferris wheel and skip the long line with out 'fast pass' We just talked about anything you could really talk about. Thats what i liked about him. You could tell him anything and he wouldnt judge you. It felt like hours before we were at the top. "Wow. this view is amazing!" I say looking at the twinkling lights of the city. It truly was amazing. "Not as amazing, or beautiful as you." He said. That was a shocker. Why would he say that. Truly im not. I blush. I tend to blush.. ALOT! "Nikki, I have been wanting to tell you this for a while, but i never got the nerve." He says. I look at him with curious eyes. What was he going to say?! What did he want to say?! Was it bad? Was it good? Oh lord help me!

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