Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


12. Chapter 12

Once i finished macking my famouse pancakes, Niall comes running toward the kitchen yelling, "FOOD! WHERES MY LOVELY FOOD?!" I roll my eyes. Only Niall! "Here you go Boo! Oh and by the way... loving the new boxers!" i say with a wink. He blushes. Aw hes so cute when he blushes! "Thanks.......For the pancakes..." hah. Soon the other boys came one by one. i think i made like 15 pancakes for each one. I set them down on the table. "Damn girl! Do you realy expect us to eat this much?!" Zayn asked. "Well you do need to eat more mister! You weigh nothing!! And plus if this chica can eat can you !" i say. It was true! This is like my daily routine!"Oh yeah...I was going to ask you about that....How did you manage to carry Zayn? I mean he isnt a heavy guy but your a girl....and yeah.." Harry asked. Wow. They certainly didnt know much about me then huh! "Um...well i sorta work out every day... as in running about 6 miles...then some abdominal work outs.. and lastly i kinda do some weights..but i guess im just used to the weight." i say shyly. They all stare at me in aw. I cough a little to snap them out of it. "No wonder your so fit!"Niall stated. Harry went up to him and slaped the back of his head. "Oi! what was that for mate?!" He yelled as he rubed the spot where Harry hit him. "Thats my sister!" He yells back. Boys. I guess im stuck with them.. "SO.. where do you guys want to go today?" I ask. "AN AMUSEMENT PARK!!" Louis yelled. I looked at the other boys with a questioning look. The all noded in agreenment. "SO I guess where going to an AMUSEMENT PARK!!!" i yell. I head upstairs to get ready. I sliped on some booty shorts with a crop top that says 'Smile!' i sliped on my high top converse. I dont use a lot of make up just mascara and a bit of eyeliner. Done. I run downstairs to find Niall watching tv. "Mind if i joined you?'" I asked. He looked at me and blushed but noded anyways. Did he not like me or something? I wouldnt be surprised. Soon i found myself shivering from the fan. "Come here love.." Niall said as he wrapped both of us in a blanket. wow. being in his arms felt so right! I just want to never leave his arms. Does he feel the same about me? Why would he?



Wow. Her being in my arms feels so right! I dont ever want to let go of her.Does she feel the same about me? Why would she?

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