Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


11. Chapter 11


I woke up to the soft snores of someone beside me. Wtf?! What is ZAYN MALIK doing on my bed?! Wait... So that wasn't a dream?! I tried to get up but a strong pair of arms hold me down. I can't help but giggle. "Wakey Wakey!" I say. He turns around "10 more minutes" he says. Ugh! I'm hungry! Fine. Then I'll have to do this te hard way! I slowly get out of his grip and carry him bridal style. He weighs like a feather!! I walk out to find the boys in the middle of a grape fight! Well Liam is yelling at them trying to stop them but it doesn't seem to work. It's a pretty funny sight! "MORNING BOO!" Louis shouts. I hush him. "god Louis! Zayns sleeping!... Wait I have an idea!! Boys! Follow me!" I whisper shout. They all look at me funny but do as there told. I walk over to the indoor pool. "Niall could you pass me those floaties over there?" I ask. He does and I slip them onto Zayn. They boys seem to get the idea and pulled out their phones recording it. I slowly make my wa to the deep end. "1..2..3!!" I scream and drop Zayn. Instintaniously you can here him scream. He struggles a bit but the realize e has floaties and calms down a bit. It was hilarious! All the boys are rolling on the floor with tears in their eyes. "WTF?!WHO THOUGT OF THIS?!" he says. I stop laughin instantly and keep a straight face. Or I least I tried. I bursted put laughing once more just looking at him was really funny! "NIKKI I WILL GET YOU BACK!!" I say. Right then my tummy grumbled the loudest grumble on earth. That brought all of us in laughter.. AGAIN! "well someone's hungry!" Liam shouts. "VERY! c'mon Nialler let's go EAT!" I say linking arms with him. We skip to the kitchen and there are....grapes... All over te floor. "Boys? Care to explain why there are grapes all over my kitchen?" I ask with a complete straight face. None if them answered. "Ok then. Mind telling me who started it?" I ask once more. They all pointed at Louis except for Louis. He was pointing at Liam. "Oh really. Well Louis. Just to let you know... No one messes with my grapes! So sleep with one eye open!" I say. He laughs a bit. "Yes mummy!" he saluted. I rolled my eyes. "Ok boys! Zany go take a hot shower before you get sick.. You others just get ready for the day. I'll make breackfast!" I shout. "Yes ma'am!!" Louis shouts. Hah. "No Louis! You will stay here and pick up these grapes!" I say. He pouts but dies what he's told. Yeah that's right! NIKKIS IN CONTROL!!

I know it's really short but I kinda rushed this! and Aldo i have next weem off so i will defenatly update whenever I can! Please heart and comment!! I live to read what you guys have to say! STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!<3
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