He saved her, but not for the reasons she expected. He kept her around, but not for anything that she was prepared for. His secrets can be the death of the both of them. Who will crack first? |Jason McCann Love Story|
WARNING: Some content may offend.
Copyright 2012.©


2. Two.

 "Out," He ordered, pushing on the door handle as he got out swiftly, closing the door in a slam. I jumped slightly and hesitantly opened the door, getting out quietly and closed the door behind me.

Not too soon after I had closed the door, had I heard a beeping sound. I watched as he put the keys back in his pocket, walking up the steps to the second floor. I slowly followed, holding the leather jacket around me tightly and glanced around nervously.

"Are you coming or not?" I looked back at him, seeing the door was open. I looked down, walking inside slowly. I heard the door slam shut behind me and gasped softly. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks as he looked at me questioningly. He let it go after a moment before grabbing my forearm, dragging me down the hall and to a room.

I didn't make any sound as he set me on the edge of the bed, turning away and walked to the wooden dresser on the far side of the room. He opened one of the drawers and shuffled through it, muttering under his breath as he searched for something.

I glanced away from him to look around the room. The walls were white, and there weren't any posters, photos...nothing really. My attention was brought to something that stood out. It was a map, and there were locations circled and notes written down everywhere around it. I was going to think more on it, but a voice disturbed me.

"Here," He said lowly, handing me an over-sized t-shirt and black sweat pants. I hesitantly took them into my hands, bringing my gaze back to my lap. "Bathroom's next door."

I slowly nodded and muttered a small thank you, before getting up and exiting the room. I walked next door, peeking in to make sure it was the right room, and slowly walked inside. I closed the door behind me and bit my lip as I turned the lock, hearing a soft click.

I set the clothes gently down onto the counter top, reluctant to look at my reflection. I forced myself to shift my gaze to the mirror, sucking in a breath. I had a bruise forming on my cheek, most likely caused from the slam to the brick wall. There were faint hand marks on my arms, which could have been from the group of guys or the boy standing in the next room. Probably both.

I jumped, hearing a faint knock on the door. "You alright in there?" I heard the soft, yet still intimidating voice. I didn't respond for a few moments, a little shocked that he had actually cared.

"Y-Yes," I murmured softly, and after a moment or two, I heard his footsteps walking away. I frowned slightly but shrugged, letting the leather jacket fall to the floor as I slipped on the shirt and sweats. Boy, was I thankful that I actually had my undergarments intact.

Once I was done, I grabbed the jacket and unlocked the door, walking out of the bathroom as I turned out the light. I walked back to the bedroom, but didn't see any sign of him. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and looked down the hall, not seeing him there either.

"You can give that back now," Someone said, their breath hitting my neck. I squeaked and whirled around, seeing him holding a slight smirk on his lips. I breathed shakily, staying silent as I slowly handed him back the jacket. I looked behind him, seeing he had come from a room I hadn't seen the door to before.

He pushed past me, walking down the hall and disappearing around the corner. I felt my jaw drop slightly; what was I supposed to do?

As if sensing my inner question, he peeked his head around the wall, looking at me with amusement evident on his face. "You coming or not?" He asked, not even waiting for an answer before he walked back off.

I slowly followed behind him, biting my lip as a nervous habit and turned the corner.

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