He saved her, but not for the reasons she expected. He kept her around, but not for anything that she was prepared for. His secrets can be the death of the both of them. Who will crack first? |Jason McCann Love Story|
WARNING: Some content may offend.
Copyright 2012.©


1. One.

  I sighed as I walked down the street, my converse making slight squishing sounds because of the dampness of the sidewalks. I wrapped my arms around my torso lightly as I glanced around, just now realizing how dark it was getting.

I quickened my pace a little, running a hand through my hair as I jumped, the streetlight above me flickering. I heard loud laughter somewhere, hearing it echo against the alley walls. I tensed up and walked a little faster, not wanting anyone to see me.

Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have snuck out to go to that party. Why did I ever listen to Brianna again? I shook my head and pushed the thoughts away, knowing it wasn't worth thinking about at the moment. Right now I just needed to get home. I took in a shaky breath and walked faster, keeping my arms around my torso as I shivered at the slightly chilly air. Of course it just had to rain tonight.

"Yo, Andy! Looks like we have some fresh meat!" I heard someone yell, and I just by the slurring of his voice, I could tell he was drunk. I glanced behind me, seeing a group of about five or six boys. They must have been where the laughter was coming from. I gulped and looked back ahead of me, walking faster, almost at a jogging pace.

"Aw, where you goin' sweetheart?!" His voice sounded closer, and I felt my breathing get a little shaky.

Why had I been so stupid? Getting grounded for a month would have been better than this. I broke into a light run, glancing behind me again to see them getting closer. There was one in the back though, that was barely walking. He didn't seem to care at all about what was going to happen. I let out a slight whimper, fear rushing through me as I felt the adrenaline start to pump through my veins.

I ran faster, seeing a garbage can and dumped it over as I ran. I heard a thud and a low curse, and looked back to see one had tripped. His beer bottle was broken and the alcohol was spilled everywhere. I scrunched my nose and looked back ahead of me, only to come to a complete stop.

I stumbled back, my eyes widening in fear as my heart pounded. A slow smirk spread across the boy's face as he took a step towards me. I heard laughter behind me and gulped, already feeling their hot breath on my neck. Looking around, I saw they had formed a small circle around me, so I wouldn't be able to run.

I looked around for maybe something that could give a sign that I needed help. But just like I had dreaded, the streetlights were dim back here, and there was nor a person or car in sight.

Just my luck, I thought to myself, and looked at the boy standing in front of me. I put on a brave face as I glared at him, but that only made him laugh harder. I paled and looked down, my lip quivering slightly.

"Don't cry baby, it'll be over before you know it," He put his hand on my shoulder, and the next thing I knew, I was shoved against the wall. I let out a small cry and I felt my shirt being ripped in half, the material falling to the floor.

"Mmm..curvy, just how I like 'em." I heard and squeezed my eyes shut.

The next thing to go was my shorts, and I tried not to cry as I breathed heavily, clenching my fists and thought about how I could try to escape, but they were all so much bigger than me, there wouldn't be a way. I was brought out of my thoughts when one of them smacked by butt, and I felt a couple tears fall.

"I think we're going to have some fun with this little one," One said, and I cried softly, opening my eyes and looked behind me at the group. Just like before, there was one in the back who didn't seem to pay much mind to anything. His eyes met mine for a moment, and I froze. They were so cold..and empty. I couldn't tell what he was thinking or feeling.

One hand begun to put a hand on my shoulder to turn me around when a cold voice stopped them. "Let her go." The mysterious one snapped. The one who had stopped me looked at him, gaping.

"But Boss-"

He turned to glare at him, and in one swift movement, he was on the ground. "Don't question me. Each one of you back up. Now," He said harshly, and they all complied immediately. The boy walked over to me, turning me around and tugged off his leather jacket, wrapping it around my shoulders.

I looked at him in confusion, my eyes wide. Why was he doing this? Was this a trap? Surely someone as cold as him wouldn't do something like this. He didn't say anything as he grabbed my forearm roughly, dragging me away from the group of boys. I stumbled along, holding the jacket around me tightly and glanced at him every now and then. I tried to make out his features, but the dim lighting made it difficult.

"Stop," He said coldly, and I quickly looked away. He stopped walking and pulled something out of his pocket. I soon heard a clicking sound and realized we were at a car. He pushed me in and then went to the driver's side, getting in as he began driving. Questions still ran through my mind, but I knew it was better not to say anything.

We soon made it to the city, and the bright lights illuminated the car. He parked at an apartment building, and I glanced at him in confusion, as my eyes met his caramel orbs.

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