The man of my dreams (Harry Styles love story)


5. When everything started

I was in my bed (bored) and my mom entered in my room and i was like what the hell?
and she told me that I was going to go to te consert of One Direction
The last thing I remember me passing out
When I woke up I thought I have to do something to make them reconaize me in the concert
So I was thinking about doing a cube and inside it put a letter...
I just finished my cube and the concert is in 1 week
I just have to go shopping for this I have to....

~A day before the concert~

I was sitting in the room of Evelyn telling her everything so we were exited cause she was going to the concert too and I told her about the cube and she made it too...
I hope won't pass out If Harry reads the letter; I thougt....
I can't wait untill tomorrow
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