The man of my dreams (Harry Styles love story)


6. The concert

Today it's the day
I was getting ready when Evelyn went in and I said "Oh hi today it's the day when our lives change"
She said" yes I hope so"
Then I said " do you have your cube?
She answered" yes ready to through hahaha"
and I said " Ok let's go boo"

~20 min untill the concert finish~

I thought about the cube that it was time to through it so I told Evelyn and then we through it together
I just said "I hope they see it and open it"
Evelyn: " yeah it would ve perfect we just have to wait untill the hour we put in the letter"

(A/N)~ Hi:) hope you like it I know it's short but wait this is my first story
Leave comments and I you want to talk just kik me: danny_directioner
My twittah account is: @DannyAzulrosa09
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