The man of my dreams (Harry Styles love story)


9. Meeting Harry Styles:)

Well I was at the Rain Forest Mall (Dallas)
I was with Evelyn and I was at the Cocodrile and after waiting for 5 minutes
Who do you think apeared?
The Handsome Harry Styles with his mate Zayn Malik

We tried to no fangirling and scream

Then Harry smiled flashing his beautiful dimples and I was like OMGee!!!
And Evelyn was like she couldn't close her jaw hahah

Then Harry said: Hi beautiful whatddya think I we go to Starbuck's?
I said: Oh Hi K let's go -I smiled at that-

We were sit in a table with Zayn Harry Evelyn and me when Harry break the silence and said
Ok let's talk about us I want to meet you more, but can we go to my hotel room cause the fans might be looking for us, K?

I couldn't belive that Harry freaking Styles just invited me to his hotel room(No thinking for sex or something like that of course) well I obviouslly agreed and Evelyn too...

Well what ya think about the story comment below and follow me on instagram: danny_realdirectioner
Love ya guys ��������
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