Liam Payne love story

Chloe is a photographer and just finished college. She wants to be a professional photographer. She walks into her new job and everything changes for good when she meets liam Payne and instantly falls in love. But is it all fairy tales she believes it to be?


4. WHOA!

“ Umm Chloe can you come here for a second”? I asked “ sure ”she said trotting over. “ well I got some good news for you babe“ I said excitedly. “ what is it”. She asked confused. “ well… YOUR GOING ON TOUR WITH US”!!!! I screamed “ WHAT”!!!!!!!!!? She screamed ten times louder then me. “ yeah” I said a little bit more calmer this time. “ am I going to be your photographer” ? She asked. “ actually no you will be with my mate Liam” I said “ Oh” was all she said.

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