Liam Payne love story

Chloe is a photographer and just finished college. She wants to be a professional photographer. She walks into her new job and everything changes for good when she meets liam Payne and instantly falls in love. But is it all fairy tales she believes it to be?


12. The unexpected

“ Danielle I can't believe your here" liam said pulling out of y grip and standing up. To hug her. “ guys I'm gonna go upstairs and call my sister ok?" I said and got up. My sisters name is Madison she gorgeous she has median length brown hair green eyes she plays soccer and is very athletic and out going I wish I was more like her. Compared to me she is tall she gets all the boys an I do mean all of them. The phone rings two times before she picks up. Madison- “ hello” Chloe- “ hey” Madison - hey baby sis. Chloe - what's up? Madison - nothing much what about you I heard you're angling out with the hottest boy band that has ever lived. Chloe - yea well te rumours are true. Madison - you sound like you upset. Chloe- well I really like this guy and we were about to kiss and his ex walked in. Madison - aww love I'm sorry Chloe - it's fine. Madison- ok babe. Chloe - I'm gonna fly you down here before we head out on tour so pack up. I screamed Madison - OK YAY!!! Chloe- ok well I got to go. Ill talk to you when I see you tomorrow love you Maddison- love you too. I hung up the phone. I walked down stairs quietly and was not prepared to see what I saw next it changed my life FOREVER
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