Liam Payne love story

Chloe is a photographer and just finished college. She wants to be a professional photographer. She walks into her new job and everything changes for good when she meets liam Payne and instantly falls in love. But is it all fairy tales she believes it to be?


15. New Co-Writer! Please read :)

Hi everyone! I'm the new co writer. My name's Carrington, and Bree and I are great friends. I 'm going to try to improve the writing and stories. We may make a quick ending to this one and start a new fanfic, but I don't know yet. I'm also a co writer for the story "Is It Meant To Be" by brittany1117 Check it out! Anyway- I won't be perfect and you may not like exactly what I do, so give us feeback. Thanks guys! :) xx

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