Liam Payne love story

Chloe is a photographer and just finished college. She wants to be a professional photographer. She walks into her new job and everything changes for good when she meets liam Payne and instantly falls in love. But is it all fairy tales she believes it to be?


1. New job new day

My life is like every bodies I'm a normal teenager. I just finished my last year in high school. I'm studying photography. I already have a well payed job as a photographer. They told me I don't need to go to college that I'm talented enough, which is great less for me to handle. Lets start with the basics. I'm nineteen years old, my hair is curly and dirty blonde and goes just below my shoulders. I'm 5'6 and my eyes are blue but turn green occasionally. I'm tan but not freakishly tan. My name is Chloe Michelle Brooke's and I want to tell you how my life change when I stepped through the doors of my new job the first time.
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