Dancin' Til We See The Sun

Mandie, a dancer from America, is just trying to find some work for her feet. But when she falls in love with a member of the band she's trying to work for, things could be really good, or really bad.


6. The Favorite Uncle

Mandie's P.O.V.

We got back to my hotel after Liam showered and changed. Him and Cloe sat on the bed, watching Spongebob. I took a shower and tried to manage something with my hair. It was short and fine, so it dried relatively straight. I didn't know what to wear, so I stood in front of my suitcases in my robe, trying to find something suitable. What do you wear to have a meeting with one of the most influential people in the whole music industry? Cloe handed me an outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63772618, and made me put it on. I walked out of the bathroom, and Liam looked at me.

"Perfect. Good job Cloe," he said, high fiving the mini me. She smiled. 

"You look really pretty Mandie," Cloe said. She gave me a hug. I got my room key and took Cloe back to her room. Liam and I got in the elevator. He kissed me when we were alone. Then we got into the lobby. And there was paparazzi.

Liam's hand was on my shoulder, leading me out to his car. The flashes were blinding. They were shouting questions, shoving, trying to get a perfect shot of my face. I was trying to hide my face from them. Liam led me to the car door and let me get in, trying to help me. He ran around and got in the other side. He started up the car and got out of there.

"I am so sorry. I was not expecting that to happen. I was hoping that wouldn't happen," he said. I was shaking in my seat. He reached his arm over and took my hand in his. I looked at him.

"I love you Liam," I said, smiling.

"I love you too Mandie," he said, squeezing his hand around mine. I squeezed back. We were driving for what felt like forever, until we pulled up outside gates. The gates outside of Simon Cowell's mansion. My stomach dropped, and I started shaking more. The gates opened and he drove up to the front of the giant house. I felt his hand on my knee.

"Don't worry. You're amazing. You have nothing to worry about," he said. I leaned over and kissed him, quickly and softly. He got out and ran around to let me out. He took my hand and led me up to the giant doors. Simon was waiting for us.

Liam's P.O.V.

I could tell Mandie was terrified. I was hoping Simon would love her. We walked past his office, where I was expecting to go, and outside into his backyard. Louis, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Eleanor, and Perrie were sitting around the table, sipping on lemonade, idly chatting.

"Please take a seat," Simon said. I helped her into her chair next to Perrie. I sat next to her and took her hand. "Now, I have been asking everyone about you, testing to see if you weren't just using Liam. And they all had good things to say," he said. I looked around to everyone. Mandie was looking at me with her gorgeous brown eyes. She looked scared. I slid my hand up around her shoulders, hoping to relax her.

"Don't worry Mandie, I absolutely approve of you. No one said one bad words. But you need to have discretion, be careful what you say, tweet, do, just watch out. It's hard to be in a relationship with someone famous," he said. I noticed Eleanor nodding, then Louis leaned over and kissed the side of her forehead.

I didn't know how Eleanor did it. They had been together for a year, and so many fans had yet to accept her. She always got hate, death threats, and so many other bad things from fans. She was such a kind hearted girl, I couldn't see how anyone didn't like her.

Mandie was still quiet. All she could do was nod. I was worried. She had been left speechless. Simon was rattling off all of these rules. She looked like all hope was gone. I was now scared. I didn't want this to scare her away.

"So, do you undetstand this all?" Simon asked. She nodded.

"Yes, Mr. Cowell," she said.

"Call me Uncle Simon," he said laughing.

"Welcome to the family," Perrie said.

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