Dancin' Til We See The Sun

Mandie, a dancer from America, is just trying to find some work for her feet. But when she falls in love with a member of the band she's trying to work for, things could be really good, or really bad.


7. Teasing

Mandie's P.O.V.

We all decided to meet at Zayn's house for a little celebration that evening. Us girls were going to be cooking, and the guys were probably going to cause trouble. With Louis being there, it was expected.

Liam and I got back to my hotel so I could get changed, then go to his apartment for him to change as well. We were in my room, and I was tidying up while he lay on the bed. I had only slept there for two hours the night I got here. I got everything clean, and then lay next to Liam on the bed. He wrapped his hard, muscled arms around my waist and pulled me in to kiss him, holding me there for almost a whole minute, not stopping for breath. I layed my head on his shoulder, and sighed deeply.

"I love you Liam," I said, kissing his neck. I felt him smile and squeeze me closer to him.

"I love you too Mandie," he said, tilting my chin up for me to kiss him again. My mouth opened and I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. My heart melted. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist, and rolled on top of him. I felt him smile as I kissed him, and pulled back to look at him. His eyes were looking deep into mine, and I smiled softly.

"I should go change," I said, rolling off him, unwrapping myself from him.

"That's not fair, love. You can't just tease me like that," he said, getting up from the bed. He picked me up to kiss him, and I started giggling. "What's so funny?" he asked, starting to laugh at me.

"You have no idea how much of a tease I can be," I said, now laughing. He raised his brow at me.

"Well I would love for you to show me," Liam said. I shook my head.

"Later," I said, smiling. He set me down so I could go change. I took my clothes and went into the bathroom to change. I knew I could change in front of Liam, but I didn't think I should. Not after what could have just happened.

I texted Eleanor, because I wasn't even sure how I should dress.

Me: Hey El! Dress code for tonight?

Eleanor: Casual, laid back, be ready 2 be thrown in a pool. Zayn's got one in his house.

Me: Thanks. See you Hun!

I rumaged through my clothes, trying to find a fabric that I wouldn't have to worry too much about. I decided on http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63982869 and teased a little volume into my hair. I walked into the room and found Liam on his iPhone. I took it out of his hand, sat in his lap and kissed him deeply. I grabbed my bag and sauntered out of the room.

"Tease," I heard him yell at me.

Liam's P.O.V.

I decided to let Mandie try and drive, glad that I had good insurance on my car. She sat in the drivers seat, and adjusted everything. She looked over at me.

"Hun, are you sure you want me to drive?" she said, eyebrows raised, questioning my judgement. I nodded.

"Absolutely. I could use some entertainment today," I said. But it wasn't entertaining. She was an amazing driver, a thousand times better than Harry is. She wove in and out of traffic with ease, relaxed, making idle chit chat. We got to Zayn's without difficulty. You would think she had been driving in this country her whole life. She tossed me the keys.

"Where did you learn to drive like that?" I said, opening the front door for her.

"Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean I have to drive like one," she said. Eleanor met her in the hallway, and led her to the kitchen.

"Thank goodness you are here! Do you know how to cook?!" Perrie yelled. I heard the guys laugh in the living room at this. I walked in with the guys, and sat on the couch next to Louis. They were watching a soccer match and were drinking already. I didn't know how they did it. I haven't drank before, and didn't plan on starting.

"So Liam, how's the girlfriend?" Harry asked winking. "Find those tattoos yet?" 

"Whoa, Mandie's got tattoos? I didn't peg her as the type of girl who would do that," Zayn added.

"I haven't found them, and doubt I will any time soon," I said, sighing.

"Are you wanting to find them soon? Because I bet we could," Louis said. I looked over at him. "All we have to do is get her in the pool. I'm sure a skimpy bikini couldn't hide them." He grinned at me.

"I like that idea," Harry said, smiling ear to ear. I shook my head.

"Are you wanting to see the tattoos or my girlfriend without anything on?" I asked.

"A little of both."

"Let's just get some alcohol in her and wait a bit. Last night was interesting," Niall said. I recalled last night. She was up for anything. I think Zayn and Harry are going to hold her to her word. They jokingly said the three of them should get matching tattoos and we almost went to the tattoo artist that Zayn and Harry always go to. That would be an interesting experience. Then Eleanor walked in to get us away from the TV for dinner. We found Perrie setting the table as Mandie put the finishing touches on dinner. She made a lasagna that looked like heaven. Niall went over to try and get a better look, but Eleanor ran over to pull him away. Niall would have it finished before it even got to the table.

"This isn't fair. I need food!" Niall said. She sat him down in a chair and put a glass of Guiness in front of him. "We're even now," he said. We dug into the pasta and died. It was amazing.

"How much would it take to hire you as my personal chef?" Niall asked. "This is amazing!" We all laughed.

"Well I had some help from Eleanor," she said.

"All I did was boil the water. You did everything else," said Eleanor. We all laughed at this. I looked over at Mandie laughing. I loved her so much.

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