Dancin' Til We See The Sun

Mandie, a dancer from America, is just trying to find some work for her feet. But when she falls in love with a member of the band she's trying to work for, things could be really good, or really bad.


2. Love at First Flight

Mandie's P.O.V.

        Cloe got off my lap and took the hand of the curly haired stranger. Janelle looked at me and mouthed 'Go with her'. I got up and put down my Kindle quickly. I followed the two up several rows until we were right beside-
        "Liam!" Cloe said as she let go of the strangers hand and climbed into Liam's lap for a hug. He looked up and the stranger and nodded, and looked up into my eyes. I got lost in his.
        "Hey Mandie," he said, smiling softly. "So how's it going girls?"
        "Good. Mandie and I watched Finding Nemo and talked about you," Cloe said smiling big. Great. He was going to find out I like him. That was one place where Cloe wasn't like me. I didn't talk much, and she didn't know when to stop.
        "About me?" he asked, looking over at me for the truth.
        "Yes, but not a lot. We don't know much about you so there wasn't much to talk about," I said before Cloe could open her mouth.
        "So why are you going to London?" Liam asked.
        "Mandie is a dancer and my mommy is her agent. She has, um, what were they called?" Cloe asked looking at me.
        "Auditions. Only two. One's for a video, the others for a job. It's for the same band," I said. He was smiling now. I really liked his smile. It was genuine.
        "Do you know what band the auditions are for?" Liam asked, still smiling.
        "Janelle didn't tell me," I said. Cloe looked up at me.
        "Her name is mommy."

Liam's P.O.V.

        I couldn't get too happy, but from the way it sounded, Mandie was auditioning for our music video and to dance on our tour. If I could be with her for that year, if I could not mess anything up, I could maybe make her mine.
        Cloe and Mandie sat next to me for the rest of the flight, well at least Mandie did. Louis, being funny and the kid of the band even though he was the oldest, had come and was playing with Cloe. I owed him.
        I had found out a lot about Mandie in the four hours we had been together on the plane. She was 18, from Kentucky, her parents were recently divorced, she had a 14 year old sister who she never got to see, was allergic to black walnuts, loved giraffes, and had been dancing for 15 years.
        When the flight attendant said to return to our seats, I was sad to find a frown make it's way across her perfect lips.
        "Here," I said, handing her a piece of paper with my phone number on it. She looked at it and smiled. "Call me any time. If you need anything or just want to talk." She nodded and stood up.
        "Thanks. I will," she said. I loved the smile she was giving me. "Come on Cloe." She was sitting in Louis' lap.
        "Not today," she said before snapping her fingers.
        "I taught her so well!" Louis said as he gave Cloe a big hug. The look Mandie was giving him was scary. "Cloe, do not ever do that again."
        "Okay Louis!" she said, hopping off of his lap. She hugged the rest of the boys, even Zayn, who was fast asleep. "Sweet dreams Zayn." She got to me and I picked her up and squeezed her close. She was like a little sister to me. "Mandie likes you, a lot," she whispered in my ear. I leaned back to look at her and she nodded.
        "Bye Cloe," I said.
        "Bye Liam," she said, giving me one last hug. I looked up and Mandie was smiling at us.
        "Bye Liam. I'll be sure to call you while I'm in London," she said, gazing into my eyes. I was loving looking back.
        "Okay. Bye," I said, smiling as they walk away. I wanted her to call.

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