Dancin' Til We See The Sun

Mandie, a dancer from America, is just trying to find some work for her feet. But when she falls in love with a member of the band she's trying to work for, things could be really good, or really bad.


12. Footloose

Mandie's P.O.V.

I woke up with Liam in the shower, and decided to skip showering today. I was just going to get sweaty   anyways. I went into the closet where I had put my suitcases, and put on http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_105/set?id=68371207. I came out of the closet and found him walking out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around his waist. I froze and inhaled sharply. He kissed my cheek and walked past me into the closet. The door closed and I sighed. After our close encounter last night, I was nervous around him. I put everything I needed in my bag, and walked out into the kitchen, getting a granola bar and glass of orange juice. I went and sat in the living room, turned on the TV, and changed it to E! News. I saw pictures of the tattoo parlor from last night, and the shadows of 7 people in a group.

"Oh no!" I said.

"Oh yes, yes yes! More info surrounding Liam Payne's mystery girl. You would think that this is the five boys with girlfriends Eleanor Calder and Perrie Edwards, but Perrie was with her Little Mix band mates in the studio working on their new album last night. So who is the seventh person with the boys? Could it be a new 1D girlfriend?" said the woman on the TV.

"Thank god we have that interview today with Nick?" Liam said, walking in.

"Nick who?" I asked.

"Grimmers. Nick is a radio host and a friend of Harry's. He was more than happy to help us out," he said, sitting down next to me. He kissed my cheek and wrapped his arm around me.

"So, I guess I'll take you to the theatre. But there's one thing I think you need to know first," He said. My stomach dropped, suddenly nervous.

"It won't ruin your chances in the audition, or improve them. But the band you're auditioning for, is ours. The boys and I aren't judging. It's just our choreographers and tour managers. And none of them  know," Liam said.

"Oh my god. But if I get it then people will think-"

"They won't think anything, if I tell them that they don't need to. That will come up in the interview. Nick already has the questions. You don't have anything to worry about," He kissed me quickly, and got up to grab his keys. I took the granola bar wrapper and empty orange juice glass back into the kitchen, and came out, took my jacket out of the hallway, grabbed my bag and walked down to Liam's car. We drove to the theatre, singing along to the radio.

"You know, if dancing never worked out, I'm sure you could try singing. You aren't bad," he said.

"Not bad, but not good. I think I'll just stick to dancing," I said, as we pulled up outside the theatre. He parked and we both got out of the car. "Why are you going in?"

"They want us here so we can meet the girls right after they tell who got them. And they need to put us in groups and want us to get to know them first," he said.

"But what about the interview," I asked.

"We'll finish here then head straight to the radio station," he said. We walked into the theatre and he walked off into a little hallway. I saw a sign that said 'DANCERS' and followed it. I came up on a registration table, gave them my name and was handed a number. 007. 

Davenport. Mandie Davenport. Oh my gosh. I have some screws missing.

My iPhone beeped. Twice.


Perrie: Dance your cute little arse off! Good luck hun!

I smiled. I loved those girls. I walked into the theatre, and saw some other girls with numbers on the stage stretching. I set my bag and iPhone in a seat towards the middle and walked timidly towards the stage. I sat near another girl who was sitting alone. She had tan skin, blonde hair, big green eyes, and curves that would make any guy drool. I felt awkwardly skinny, though I couldn't help that. She was wearing http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=69848932.

"Love your shoes," I said to her. She smiled.

"Thanks. Your's are awesome too. I'm Zoe," she said, extending a hand.

"I'm Mandie," I said. She looked shocked.

"You're American!? That is so cool! I've never met an American before. Where in America are you from?" she asked.

"Kentucky. It's okay if you don't know where it is. No one really does," I said.

"Good because I have no clue. So what's your dance experience?" she asked me.

"I've taken tons of ballroom lessons, but stopped those a few years ago. I've been dancing for about fifteen years and I've done pointe, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and tap. I guess I have a  bit more experience than some people," I said. She looked at me slack jawed. I looked at her confused.

"That's more experience than 99 percent of the dance community has. How are you not famous yet?"she asked.

"My parents made me finish school first. And I've only had a handful of auditions. I just really want to do well at this one," I said.

"So do I. That would be the best job ever!" she said. We had lost track of time and how many girls had shown up. There were about 30 of us total, and someone who looked official and a guy in high tops and dance clothes. They stood us in a line, and sorted us by height. They didn't want girls too tall or too short. I was lucky enough to be right in the middle, and didn't get sent off right away. Zoe was towards the short end, but was tall enough to stay. I was glad she didn't go. I liked her. I looked around the theatre, and at the top in the very back, I saw the guys and smiled. Then things got crazy.

Music started blaring and we were warming up. Girls started crying and got sent out the door. because they couldn't handle it. Zoe and I were going strong after fifteen minutes. So were a few other girls. They had all of us still standing sit down in the front row while they sent the other girls home. There were about nine of us. I looked at Zoe and we both exchanged a worried look. I wanted both of us to get this. We were taken back onto the stage, and put off in our own little areas.

"I know this sounds mean, but we want to see how you look with the boys. If we don't think it looks good, then we can't let you stay," said the official looking lady. The boys walked up on the stage, and she started looking at all of the boys and us girls. She had Harry go stand by a red head girl a few inches shorter than him. Niall was sent to stand by Zoe and I smiled over at her. Louis stood by a short blonde with big blue eyes. Zayn stood next to a girl with light brown hair who was about as skinny as me. And Liam was sent to stand by a gorgeous blonde with big brown eyes. I wasn't standing next to one of the guys. I could have started crying. But I couldn't.

Then the lady walked over to Harry and Liam. She had Liam and Harry switch, so Liam was next to the red head. The lady looked back and forth between Harry and the blonde, then turned, and saw me. She led Harry to my side, smiled and nodded. Then she walked back to the front of the stage so everyone was looking at her.

"Girls, meet your partners. If you aren't paired with someone, thanks for showing up, but we're sorry. I need all five pairs up to the stage," she said. We all walked up to the front and stood in a half circle around her. "Ladies, I have some paperwork for you to fill out, and if you were going to audition for the music video, stick around." We all stood up, and Zoe walked over to me.

"Are you auditioning for the music video?" she asked. I nodded. "Do you want me to wait for you? We could go to Nando's or something."

"What's Nando's?" I asked. Niall grabbed my shoulders and shook me.

"YOU POOR DEPRIVED CHILD! I know what we're doing tonight!" He said. I started laughing. I hopped off the stage, changed into my lyrical shoes, and got back on the stage. There was only one other girl. It was the blonde.

"Okay girls. I just need to see a turn combo, and we'll go from there. So four a la seconds, two fouettes, a double coupe with arms en premiere, finish en troisieme. Follow the beat, I will count you in," said the guy who warmed us up. The music started and we stood, her slightly behind me. I knew what she was doing. She didn't understand the French terms for the moves. She had to watch me.

"One, two, three, four, five..." he started counting. I prepped and spotted each turn perfectly. The song was slow, so the turns were difficult, but I kept composed. She hobbled at the transition between the a la second and the fouette. The combo ended, and I put my feet and arms en troisieme, third position. The boys were sitting in the fifth row of the theatre, looking up at me smiling. Zoe was staring at me as though I was a bone and she was a dog. The guy walked over to the other girl and asked her to leave. Then walked over to me. "You are amazing. You got the job! The music video shoot is in two weeks, so I will need a couple days before then to teach you the dance and rehearse it, but I don't have any worries about that. I'll be in touch with you in a few days with the details." The boys ran on stage and engulfed me in a group hug, and then Zoe was on stage.

"Oh my god! Why did they make you waste your time auditioning? You are amazing!" she said, hugging me.

"So... Nando's anyone?" Niall said.

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