A Change In Life

Summer has been dealing with a lot of things in her life. First her parents died when she was 15 and now she has to deal with her cruel step-dad. Summer is obsessed with a poplular, british boy band called, One Direction and one day, bumps into one of the members and fall in love, but can she handle everything all at once?


1. Intro

Hello, my name is Summer Lowden, I'm 17 and live in London. My life is a disaster, I hate it! I don't have a family, except my cruel step-father. He treats me badly, and I just hate him so much that I want to run away! My biological parents got divorced and once they did, my mom had married a maniac. When I was 15, my mom and father died in a terrible car accident. I was devastated and trembled in fear as I had to live with my "step-father.". He abuses me and doesn't let me do anything, it's like I'm an animal stuck in a cage! Everytime I made a mistake, I would get slapped across the face or even kicked in the stomach. After, I had started dealing with bullying in school and started to cut myself... The pain helped me, but not for too long.

I'm the only child, meaning I'm the only one in the house that has to do everything I'm demanded to do; it tortures me! I get bullied in school by "popular chicks" who think they can say anything and not realise that we have feelings. My friend, Rosie and I, are obsessed with a british boy band named, One Direction. Our dreams are to marry them and maybe one day, go to their concert, but only if I can escape this zoo. I have many friends, but some, are not like Rosie, I can trust her with anything and everything; I love her! Her family is like my family an I'm welcomed to their home anytime. My parents always gave me what I wanted, it's not like we're rich, but something like. Until, my "step-father" came into the picture, everything changed. My life is terrible and not one person can try to fix it.. I lock myself in my room and have a secret place I go to where I can cut &' hide myself from the evil demonic monster in my home. I'm a slave in this cage, I have no freedom, NONE! I just hope one day, I can accomplish my goals and get out of this house as soon as I hit 18! But for now, I get marks and bruises on my body. I even get spanked with belts and hangers, how bad is that?! TERRIBLE, I TELL YOU! My life is complicated and a tragic mess, I just need someone to help me escape and finally have freedom...
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