Writing styling of RobertRaiin

A series of poems written by RobertRaiin that have nothing to do with one another. each has its own story to it. Thanks


1. The Truth


I want you to see

What you mean to me.


I need you to know

As I look up high into the sky

The sun is low and settles down.

The orange glow in the clouds

Reminds me of you.


I can see your light,

Although we are apart

And your energy rushes through my soul


My voice will sing the echoes of my very devotion for you.

So let my voice to get to

The minds and hearts of the world.


And now to you I'll display

Just how much I think about you every day.

Oh baby, tell me you'll stay before I start fading away.


Tonight you can so easily see

The moon that's rising slow up into the night.

A glow among the stars that are shining far.

Just like dancing light.


You are the

One I thought I lost within the dark.

I send a single signal to you directly from my heart.

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