Yes, I Am That Girl

It's seems like your whole live you couldn't wait to be in high school. But now you want out! You Annalise Carper always dreamed of having to perfect high school life. Well that didn't work out to well, always being bullied and talked about. But it's ok with you. Ok, it's really not. But your life turns around when a new boy Niall comes to school. You two become best friends, actually alittle more than friends. But what will happen when Niall's band makes it big? What will happen to your social life? Read and find out!


1. Ch. Just A Regular Day

Annalise's P.O.V

Senior year. It's suppost to be the best year ever. Well not for me. I'm Annalise Carper and let's just say I'm not the most popular girl ever. Ok, I'm not even close to popular. So what if no one talks to me but instead talk behind my back? Or so what if no one wants to sit with me at lunch? Yes, I'm that girl of my school. But it doesn't bother me! Ok, it does. But I rather be me than be a horrible witch like Brenna Smith. She was the girl that everyone loves but is the meanest person on earth. Always gossiping and always flirting. It's sickening I just want to throw up. I really don't know why everyone liked her. I mean, she was such a brat and she thinks she's so amazing because her daddy owns a huge company and her family is rich. And for SOME REASON she always has to pick on me. She is one of the main reasons no one talks to me, she started spreading rumors and gossiping about me in 9th and its never stopped. She wasn't always like this though, in fact, we used to be best friends in middle school. Until I apparently became to "lame" for her. But does all this matter to me? Not at all.
11:05. Five more minutes till lunch. I was starving! All I had for breakfast was half a banana because some jerk decided it would be HILARIOUS to slap it out of my hand. Here I am in math class and I can never understand! no matter how hard i try! I hear snickering behind my back and turned around. I hated where I sat in Mr. Waterson's math class because I was sitting right in the front where everyone could see me. As I turn my head I saw two Junior girls whispering and giggling in my direction. I gave them a slight smile of hurt before a ruler slapped down on my desk. "MS. CARPER! Can you ever pay attention? You will be so stupid if you never listen to my lesson!" How encouraging. I apologized to him and slouched in my chair. Several kids were giggling at me now, I just wanted to hide away in a shell. Finally the bell rang and I rushed to my locker, grabbed my lunch money, and headed towards the cafeteria.
Sloppy Joe? Really? I never liked sloppy joe, especially ever since Brenna "accidentally" spilled hers on me. I quickly squeezed through the line and grabbed a salad. Not my first choice but at least it's not messy. i sat at my normal table. In the corner by the trash cans. As always i sat alone and watch everyone have a good time. I remembered last time i tried to sit with others, i sat down and they immediately moved. No one every sat by me because they would get teased. If they had an award for most un-popular kid ever. I'd win by a long shot. I finished my food and got up to dump it in the trash when all the sudden Brenna and who I like to call her "witches in training" came over. "Hey Annalise! Just wanted to know how's life's going?" I looked at her straight in the eye and knew by her evil smirk she was up to no good. "It's just delightful!" I said sarcastically. "How nice! Hey do me a favor and take that ugly mask off?" How mature. "I will whenever you take the clown makeup off." Ok. So it's not the nicest thing ever but it was true if you even saw all the makeup she wore you'd agree. She stared at me narrow eyed and then walked away. I didn't really care what she did I was just glad my tummy was full.
Language class was right after lunch and Brenna and her boyfriend Todd are in that class with me. Todd was a football player and wasn't that attractive to me. The only time he would talk to me was when I was in his way and he would shove me and yell, "get outta the way, shorty" yes. I was pretty short. Not like the shortest in the grade but still pretty short. As soon as Brenna saw me come in she began to kiss Todd. Thing he doesn't know is, I saw Brenna kissing William behind the bleachers. I was waiting til the right moment to tell him though. I took a seat in the back of the room and began to study my notes. Mrs. Aramoni the language teacher walked in to see Brenna and Todd kissing. "Excuse me you to love birds. This is language, not chemistry" everyone laughed at her cheesy joke. I liked Mrs. Aramoni, she was the only teacher that understood me. In fact, the only adult that understood me. She was like the mom I always wanted but never had. I could tell her anything. Even about Brenna and William. Yeah, she'd get a kick outta that.
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