Same Mistakes

Liam’s intense brown eyes snuck another glance towards me while he remained silent. Zayn’s hand on mine seemed to grow stronger with each passing moment. The room grew thick in tension, but Zayn didn’t know why. I continued staring at Liam, not knowing how to move on from this point.
“Liam,” asked Zayn. “What’s the matter?”
Liam seemed to jump back into reality and his face came back to life. “What are you talking about?” he said smiling.
I stood frozen as Zayn glanced down at me. I only shrugged my shoulder, pretending I had no idea what was going on, but inside, my emotions were in a whirlwind as I remembered the events that occurred a few years ago.


18. Wrapped Around Me


Lucy's P.O.V.

I walked and walked, not knowing where I was heading. Zayn had just been so….ugh, frustrating. I never would have believed that I would say such words, or even get in a fight with Zayn in the first place. He just seemed so perfect. I decided on taking a boat ride on the Seine River. The view of the cities as the night grew darker became more and more beautiful. I couldn't help but notice the number of cute guys on the boat. One of them came over to me and soon we were laughing and joking in French. His name was Luke and he had gorgeous green eyes. Several times throughout the conversation, he tried talking in English, and I couldn't help but giggle at how cute yet silly he sounded.

At the end of the boat ride, we were back in Paris. It was almost eleven in the evening, but he invited me to dinner. I agreed, and he took me to this gorgeous restaurant. Luke was extremely nice and a true gentleman throughout the meal. Unfortunately, after tonight, I couldn't see him again. I hugged him good night, and told him I had a wonderful night. He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. He seemed to understand that this was all I could offer, and we both parted ways.

I took a taxi back to the hotel, but told him to drop me off a couple of blocks before the hotel. I needed to think about how I would confront Zayn. I took out my phone and saw I had four missed calls and one text, all from Zayn. I didn't know how to respond to the only text, and Zayn hadn't left any voice messages. I walked back to the hotel, all the way imagining how the night would fold out. It was nearly one in the morning and I was getting tired. I realized I didn't have the energy to get into an argument. I didn't ever want to fight with Zayn again.

Before I stepped into the hotel itself, I called Zayn. He answered on the second ring.

“Hello?” he said.

“Can I come in?” I asked him. It was silent for a moment.

“Are you here?” he finally said.

“I’m outside of the hotel. I didn't know if you would want me to come in, or find another place.”

“Don’t be silly. Please come inside.”

I nodded my head even though he couldn't see me. “I don’t want to fight anymore,” I whispered.

“I know,” he said. “Just come inside.”

I hung up and walked back to our room. From across the hallway, I saw Zayn hanging out by the doorway. He instantly straightened up when he saw me, and I ran towards him. I jumped into his arms and immediately felt the tears stream down my face. His arms tightened around me. I hadn't realized how much I would miss him. He put me down, placing his hands on my cheeks. He looked down at me before placing his lips on top of mine. We stood there kissing each other as though it were our last time.

I grabbed onto his hand as he led me inside and closed the door. The room was dark but I didn't mind. We both stripped down to our undies and hopped into bed, but we just laid there and entwined our hands together as we talked and laughed. Zayn kept sneaking in kisses, and each time I accepted. I fell asleep with his arms wrapped around me.


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