Same Mistakes

Liam’s intense brown eyes snuck another glance towards me while he remained silent. Zayn’s hand on mine seemed to grow stronger with each passing moment. The room grew thick in tension, but Zayn didn’t know why. I continued staring at Liam, not knowing how to move on from this point.
“Liam,” asked Zayn. “What’s the matter?”
Liam seemed to jump back into reality and his face came back to life. “What are you talking about?” he said smiling.
I stood frozen as Zayn glanced down at me. I only shrugged my shoulder, pretending I had no idea what was going on, but inside, my emotions were in a whirlwind as I remembered the events that occurred a few years ago.


13. Spontaneous?


Lucy's P.O.V. 

Zayn’s arms were wrapped around my waist as he gently kissed my neck. I giggled as it began to feel ticklish, and soon he was actually tickling my tummy. I laughed and accidently hit him on his face.

“Oh!” I gasped. “I am so sorry!” I said, trying not to laugh.

“Well now I have to get you back,” he said, smiling.

“No Zayn!” I laughed. “Stop!” I said, but his lips reached mine before I could push him off of me. He began tickling me again, and I was at crossroads between kissing him or punching him to stop tickling me. “Zayn!” I said when he finally pulled away. His brilliant smile caught me off guard, abruptly ending my next sentence. I smiled back and he began kissing me again.

We were playing with each other in a patio in France overlooking the Eiffel Tower. It was quite a beautiful sight, even more stunning than my initial destination in England. A few days after having met Zayn, he randomly asked me some questions.

“What countries would you love to visit?” he asked me.

“Well…I’d love to see Germany and Belgium, maybe even France, or Russia, or Italy. Maybe even the Ukraine…” I said, but Zayn’s quizzical look brought me to a look. “Or just France,” I finished. “France would be fine.”

He laughed. “How about all of Europe?”

I smiled as I nodded. “Why?” I asked him.

“Do you think of yourself as spontaneous?” he asked me instead.

I thought for a moment, “Yeah, I guess. I mean, I only decided to go to England just over a week ago.”

“Really?” he said. “How about a trip to France?”

“What about it?” I turned to face him.

He grinned. “I like you, Lucy.” He then kissed me and I could feel my cheeks redden. I could never get over the fact that I was able to kiss Zayn. Since we’d met, all I’d wanted to do was pull him closer and make out with him. The kiss grew more and more passionate with each passing moment. “Let me take you to France, then,” he said when he pulled away.

“What?” I asked him, surprised. “What are you talking about?” Although the question shocked me, at the same time, it intrigued me.

He gave me another kiss. “Yeah, just you, me, and France,” he said. He saw my confused expression and then continued. “I don’t know. I just want to take you somewhere with me; get to know you better.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and began to kiss his lips slowly. His lips followed mine in perfect harmony as he slipped his arms around my waist. I didn’t want to pull away, but I still had more questions.

“But I only just got here, and what about Kathy?” I asked.

He ran a finger through one of my curls. “England’s not going anywhere, and I think Kathy will be just fine with Harry,” he said. I laughed. Kathy and Harry had gotten to know each other quite well, maybe a little too well. I hadn’t seen Kathy so happy, and I was absolutely glad she had met Harry. “So what do you say?” Zayn asked me.

I kissed him again and started nodding my head. “Yes, of course Zayn, I’d love to go to France with you.” 

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