Same Mistakes

Liam’s intense brown eyes snuck another glance towards me while he remained silent. Zayn’s hand on mine seemed to grow stronger with each passing moment. The room grew thick in tension, but Zayn didn’t know why. I continued staring at Liam, not knowing how to move on from this point.
“Liam,” asked Zayn. “What’s the matter?”
Liam seemed to jump back into reality and his face came back to life. “What are you talking about?” he said smiling.
I stood frozen as Zayn glanced down at me. I only shrugged my shoulder, pretending I had no idea what was going on, but inside, my emotions were in a whirlwind as I remembered the events that occurred a few years ago.


10. Four Years Later



I had recently graduated from college, and all I could think about was my future. I had my college degree and now, so many possibilities had popped up. Kathy babbled on how she wanted to travel the world. I had agreed with her that there was nothing wrong taking a sabbatical year off, but I firmly stated I wouldn't go along with it. I would be working towards becoming a registered nurse, and hopefully begin a career at Johns Hopkins Hospital. It would be a while, but there was no greater gain in helping people out.

“I was thinking about travelling to France, but then I realized I should totally go to England!” beamed Kathy.

“England?” I asked her.

“Yeah, it’s so pretty, and it has lots of historic places,” she said, but I knew she wasn't done.

“And hot, British guys with sexy accents,” I finished for her. She laughed.

The thought of England with its hot British guys and sexy accents sent the memories of Liam surging through my head. It had been four long years since I had last seen him, but that didn't ruin the memories. When he promised me he would visit, I already knew it would be a far-fetched idea. He had called a few times, but that was about it. I was only happy to have been able to have gotten the opportunity.

“England,” I said again.

“Yeah, what about it?” asked Kathy, and I think she knew my answer before I even thought about it.

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