Same Mistakes

Liam’s intense brown eyes snuck another glance towards me while he remained silent. Zayn’s hand on mine seemed to grow stronger with each passing moment. The room grew thick in tension, but Zayn didn’t know why. I continued staring at Liam, not knowing how to move on from this point.
“Liam,” asked Zayn. “What’s the matter?”
Liam seemed to jump back into reality and his face came back to life. “What are you talking about?” he said smiling.
I stood frozen as Zayn glanced down at me. I only shrugged my shoulder, pretending I had no idea what was going on, but inside, my emotions were in a whirlwind as I remembered the events that occurred a few years ago.


17. Empty Room


Zayn's P.O.V

We spent another week in Paris before we had our first fight. I was kind of expecting it, because the sad truth is that in every paradise, there is always a problem, and we found ours.

“Zayn, I know I’ve had a massive crush on you since I was 15, but gosh, don’t you just get frustrated by all the time we spend together?” she yelled.

“Well isn’t that kind of the point?” I yelled back. “I didn’t invite you here with me so that you could go around flirting with some random dude!”

“I wasn’t flirting with anyone! Excuse me for needing some air!”

“So what, you can get some damn ‘air’ while I sit back and watch you do this ‘airing’ thing with another guy?”

“I don’t even know why you’re so pissed! It’s not like I’m your damn girlfriend or anything!”

“So what did these past few weeks mean to you?” I shouted. These weeks meant so much to me, and I practically believed that our status was implied. Sure, we never talked about it or confirmed anything, but it should have been obvious.

“Everything!” she exclaimed. “My dreams have come true, thank you very much, but I never wished to spend 24/7 with you!”

“Am I smothering you that much? Then why don’t you fucking go cry about it with whatever the hell his name is!”

“You know what, fine,” she said. She grabbed her wallet, keys, and phone and then stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her. I stood there frozen for a few moments before it hit me what just happened. I slowly walked towards the door.

“Lucy?” I whispered. I opened the door and saw the hallway empty. I didn’t actually think she would leave. I didn’t want her to leave. I hung by the doorway for a while before I crumpled down on the floor and started crying. It’s been ages since I cried over a girl, but there was something about Lucy that made me depressed not being with her.

After what seemed like a long time, I finally stood up. I walked over to my phone and saw that it was five in the afternoon. The sun outside the window shined rays into the room. I decided I’d take a walk around the city to cool my nerves. I gathered my stuff and walked out of the room, down some stairs, and soon, I was outside. Almost immediately, I was spotted by some fans, which ran over screaming, and a few even crying. I smiled and laughed, and signed some pictures and phones and cameras. I even walked around with them for the time being, and they introduced me to one of their favorite restaurants, a quaint little café that sold lots of pastries.

I hung out with them for a few hours, and then it was time for them to leave. They seemed extremely sad to say goodbye, but they also said they were so happy and thrilled that they got to hang out with me. I took some more pictures with the girls and then hugged each of them goodbye. It was a major boost to my mood to be able to make someone’s day. We had walked several blocks from the hotel, so it took a while before I reached it again. I reached the room, half hoping Lucy would be in there while the other half kind of dreaded it.

But I only opened the door to an empty room.

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