The Great Escape{1D Love Story}

For all of Sierra and Melanie's lives they have dreamt of leaving there small town of Calloway, Virginia they have just graduated form high school and are going to make a great escape from there suffacting little town and go to London England who knows who they will meet and maybe even fall in love with along the way <3


1. Leaving Home!

Sierra POV

I felt the cool night air flow agianst my skin as i opened the window of my room i threw my suitcase out the window then jumped down i landed safely on the cold moist grass i picked up my suitcase and ran to my best friend Melanie's car i got in and threw my things in the back seat this was the one thing i had been dreaming of since i was in middle school to leave this small town and it was the perfect time i just finished school and wanted to escape this place i have lived all my life it was just so suffacting she stomped on the gas petal and the car jerked forword and we were off

me- finally we are leaving

mel- i know i hated this town hopefully i will never see it agian

me- same

mel- off to the city of london

we drove to an hour til we got to the city of Richmond we got to the crowed airport and unloaded the car melanie handed me my ticket i healed in my hand the one thing i had been saving up for since i was 12 thank god i finally get to go tothe place i have been dreaming of we went threw security and found our gate and then waited till they called us to board the plane about 15 mins later the woman at the desk called for all couch members to start loading the plane i grabed my one suitcase that i brought with me and walked onto the plane i found my seat and threw my things under the seat in front of me and put my headphones in and drifted off to Taylor Swift


i felt myself being shook awake i looked up to see melanie trying to wake me up we where here in london finally the one place i never saw myself acutally getting to i grabbed my things and walked off the plane as we got into the airport all i saw where screaming girls such an amazing welcome wee fought outr way past and right before we got to the door SMACK i ran straight into someone

me- oh my god i am so sorry

???- it's fine love

the man let is arm down to help me up i accpeted

me- 5 minutes in england and i am already running into people haha

??- yea i am louis by the way

me- sierra

louis- nice to meet you

me- same

as i said that a large man walked over to louis and pushed him out the door he waved and so did i may i say he was quite cute

mel- well looks like you like someone

me- mel i don't even know the guy

mel- yea

we walked out of the airport and mel called a taxi and we started our juorney threw london

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