For Better Or Worse?

Hi! I'm Rachael! This is my first fanfic so if you have any advice at all then please tell me in the comments. Also i am not the best at grammer and stuff like that but i will try my best. This story is about a girl named Rachael. She has red curly hair and a best friend named Maria. Her dad abuses her and she cant wait untill she is 18 so she can get as far away as possible from him. Will it be easy? Maybe. Also somrthing exciting happens to her but will it be too good to be true? Unexpected things happen to her. Will it be for better or worse? Also something happened to her mom. Want to know what happened? Then read it!


1. The Bus Ride

Rachael's P.O.V.

"Beeeepppp!" my alarm went off. I flipped over and pushed the snooze. I laid in bed knowing that my dad would be up soon and would be yelling at me to get ready. "Beeeepppp!" ughh its been 10 minutes already? I turned my alarm off and got up. "Rachael! I hope your getting ready!" my dad yelled. "Yes, dad!" I yelled back rolling my eyes. God he can be so annoying. If you haven't already figured it out, me and my dad don't have the best relationship in the world. I went over to my closet and got a pair of tight black ripped skinny jeans. I pulled out a green lacy shirt that compliments my red hair and a black tank top for underneath. I put them on my bed and I went to go take a shower. I got in the shower and let the warm water run down my face to wake me up. I finished my shower and grabbed a towel. I wrapped it around myself as i was looking in the mirror. Why? Why do i have to look like this? Why can't I be pretty like everybody else? I didn't want to overdo my makeup so i put on my usual. A little foundation, eyliner, and a little mascara. I finished my makeup and decided to just leave my hair natural like I do most of the time. I dried and brushed my hair letting the curls fall down my back. I grabbed my skinny jeans and put them on. "one leg, then the other leg, wiggle, jump, done!" i said to myself. Then I put my tank top and shirt on and grabbed my bag. "RACHAEL!" my dad yelled, "your going to be late and i'm not going to drive your lazy ass to school!" "I'm coming!" I yelled as I was coming down the stairs. I grabbed an apple as I was walking out the door and ate it on the way to my bus stop.

"Rachael!" my best friend Maria yelled as I was walking towards her. "Maria!" I yelled back mimicking her. We ran up to each other and gave each other a hug. "Oh great here comes the bus." I said sarcastically just as it was coming down the street. We all got on the bus and off we went to school. "You look pretty today Rachael." "Thanks, so do you." I replied "So have you applied for any colleges?" she asked, "This is our last year you know." "Yeah, I applied for some here but I also applied for one in London" "London?!" she said in disbelief. "Yeah, I want to get out of Florida." "Why?" she asked. "Well I mean I love it here but I need to get away from it all, mostly my dad." "does he still abuse you?" she whispered. I looked around to make sure nobody was listening but everybody had their headphones in. Oh who am I kidding, nobody would pay us any attention anyways. Its not like everybody hates us its just that nobody really cares, plus it's monday morning so everybody is still half asleep. "Yeah, jus-". she cut me off "Yeah, yeah, I know dont tell anybody." she rolled her eyes. "I just can't stand to see you like this." she said. "Yeah i know but look we just got to school so can we talk about this later?" I said as the bus was pulling up. "Yeah but don't think i'm going to forget." she said with a smile. "Trust me I know you, I know you won't forget." I said and I laughed a little to myself as I thought about how well I know her and how close we are. Then I did what I have been trying to stop doing for 3 years. I thought about my mom...

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