For Better Or Worse?

Hi! I'm Rachael! This is my first fanfic so if you have any advice at all then please tell me in the comments. Also i am not the best at grammer and stuff like that but i will try my best. This story is about a girl named Rachael. She has red curly hair and a best friend named Maria. Her dad abuses her and she cant wait untill she is 18 so she can get as far away as possible from him. Will it be easy? Maybe. Also somrthing exciting happens to her but will it be too good to be true? Unexpected things happen to her. Will it be for better or worse? Also something happened to her mom. Want to know what happened? Then read it!


2. How would she handle it?

Rachael's P.O.V

 I got off the bus and I could feel my eyes start to water. Next thing I know im practically crying my eyes out. Maria lead me to a corner in school that nobody knows about. "Why are you crying?" she asked. I looked up at her and she looked in my eyes and its like she knew exactly why. "You need to stop thinking about her Rachael. You know I hate to see you cry. I understand you miss her but nothing is going to get better unless you try to stop crying over her. Dont forget about her just try to stop crying about it."  "I know its just so hard. Its like the littlest things remind me of her. I miss her so much and what happened to her is my fault." I said. "Stop saying that. Its not your fault Rachael and you know it. Stop blaming yourself for what happened. Look Rachael, you know I will always love you like a sister and I will always be there for you. You know I will always be by your side 100% and I would never lie to you. That includes now. It was never your fault you were just caught in the middle. Now come on lets go get you cleaned up and get to class."she said "ok." was all I could say.

We got to the bathroom and I looked at myself in the mirror. Wow I was a mess! my makeup was smuged and running down my face from crying. I cleaned my self up and touched it up a bit. "Lets go girl! Were gonna be late!" Maria said as she was pulling me out of the bathroom. "I think my arm is going to fall off!" "oh sorry" she said and she loosened her grip. We have our first, fourth, and last class together and all of our other classes are close to each other so we always walk together. I know perfect, right? We got to class and sat down right before the bell rang. As the teacher started her lesson I became bored out of my mind. I do good in school but that doesnt mean I like it. I have chemestry in the morning which for me is the worst time to have it because im so tired.

"SLAM!" I closed my locker and waited for Maria to finish getting her stuff. "Do you want to hang out at my place?" Maria asked. "Why do you even ask? Of course I do!" "okay, just making sure." Maria closed her locker and shouted "Lets go!!" I laughed as we made our way to her moms car. If your wondering i only ride the bus in the morning because Maria's mom drives us home. I climbed in the car and laughed as I watched Maria struggle to get in with all her books and stuff. "Hey dont laugh! Now shut up and help me!" I kept laughing and grabbed her stuff and put it in the back. She got in and glared at me. "What?" i said and gave her my best innocent looking face. Then we both started cracking up. Her mom looked at us like we were crazy... but we are crazy theres no denying it. We finally calmed down and started talking about college again. "This morning you said you applied for a college in London, do you think your going to get in?" "I dont know but I hope I do." "Aww but what if you do. Then I wont be able to see you anymore!" she made a pouty face. "You can visit and you could always apply for the second semester. Then you could live with me in London!" I said. Her face lit up. "Mom can I? Pleeaassee!" "Im ok with it but you have to ask dad tonight." her mom said. "ok." We pulled up to marias house and went inside.





I tried calling my dad like I do every day when I go to marias house but it went to voicemail like usual. I left him a message. "Hey dad I know you dont care but im at Maria's house and they asked me to stay for dinner. I wont be home till later. K. Bye." I hung up. He never answers. Hes usually out getting drunk and sometimes has one night stands. I usually stay at Marias house when he brings someone home. He disgusts me. He wasn't always like this but about 4 years ago he snapped. He compleatly changed. I will never love him after what hes done these past 4 years. I try to stop thinking about him and what hes done because I know I will end up thinking about my mom. I tear myself from my thoughts and try to look for maria. I can hear her yelling at her brother. I eventually find them and look over at her brother. He smiles at me and I quickly smile at him and look away so he doesnt see me blushing. Her brother is one year older than me and Maria. He has brown longish hair. The kind of hair where guys always flip their hair. He has big brown eyes sort of like a puppy dog. He has perfect white teeth. When he smiles... stop it Rachael! I need to stop. He doesnt like you that way. I looked up and noticed he was walking towards me. "Hey Rachael!" "Hey Shaun!" "What's up?" "Not much, just hanging out at a really awesome persons house." I said playfully. "Oh so you think im awesome?" he said raising his eyebrows. "Oh no I was talking about Maria."I said with a smile on my face. "That's mean!" he said making a pouty face. Then he smirked and started to walk closer to me. "What are you doing?" I asked kind of nervous and confused. "Oh nothing" he said and then reached down and pulled my phone out of my pocket. "Hey give me my phone back!" he put it on the table then unexpectedly grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. he took me outside and I turned my head so I could see where he was taking me "NO! Please dont throw me in the pool!" "But you were mean to me." he said. "I'm sorry Shaun! Please Shaun dont throw me in. Im so sorry I didnt mean it!" "ok but only because you begged me." he said with a smirk. He put me down and we looked at each other  before I heard Maria calling my name. "I better go see what she wants." I said and walked inside. I looked back at him and smiled. He smiled back and my heart melted. I was falling for him no doubt but one question kept popping back in mind. How would maria handle it?


*Authors note*

Hey guys!! I tried to make this chapter longer than the first. I hope you liked it! I am going to try to update again tomorrow or friday. I dont have school tomorrow so Im going to have alot of free time! Also im trying to become more creative with the chapter names but I dont know how well thats working out for me. Anyways, tell me what you think of the new chapter! If you want to say anything just leave a comment and I will try to write back as soon as I can! Thanks guys! Love ya! <3


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