For Better Or Worse?

Hi! I'm Rachael! This is my first fanfic so if you have any advice at all then please tell me in the comments. Also i am not the best at grammer and stuff like that but i will try my best. This story is about a girl named Rachael. She has red curly hair and a best friend named Maria. Her dad abuses her and she cant wait untill she is 18 so she can get as far away as possible from him. Will it be easy? Maybe. Also somrthing exciting happens to her but will it be too good to be true? Unexpected things happen to her. Will it be for better or worse? Also something happened to her mom. Want to know what happened? Then read it!


9. Chapter 9


Rachael’s P.O.V. I could feel the bright sun shining in through the window. I opened my eyes and looked around. I panicked for a minute and then remembered I was staying at a hotel with Harry. I got out of bed and realized I was still in my clothes from yesterday. I could smell bacon so I let my nose guide me to the kitchen. I saw Harry there cooking bacon and pancakes. “That smells so good” I said. Harry jumped when he heard me. “Sorry, I  didn't  mean to scare you.” I said. “Its ok love.” He said and turned around to face me. “Did you sleep good?” he asked. “Yeah, I was so tired!” “Good. Oh and I have a change of clothes for you by your bed.” he said. “Ok thanks.” I said. I walked back to where I slept and saw the clothes he left me. I put on the sweatpants, which im guessing are his,and the hoodie. I walked out and saw Louis, Liam, and Niall sitting on the couch. “Hi.” I said. “Hi Rachael.” They said. “Breakfast is ready.” Harry called. “I ran to the kitchen and saw 6 plates with bacon, eggs, and pancakes on them. We sat down and started eating. “Oh I almost forgot!” Harry said as he ran over to the kitchen counter. I looked at him confused and I looked over at the other boys to see if they had any clue what he was talking about but they looked as confused as I was. “Here you go.” he said holding out his hand. I looked down and saw he had two pills. “Oh yeah I forgot.” I had to take them for the my broken bones. “Thanks!” I said smiling at Harry. I took them and Harry gave me some water. I took them and kept drinking until I felt them go down my throat. The ice cold water gave me a slight headache. I then realized that there were only five of us. I looked over at the other plate on the counter with nobody eating it. I could see the steam coming off of it. “Where’s Zayn?” I asked. “He’s probably still sleeping.” Liam said. I saw Niall trying to steal Zayn’s plate. “Niall!” I said as I moved the plate away from him. “What? I’m still hungry.” he whined. “Just wait let me go see if he wants it. Which one is his room?”  “The one on the far left.” Louis said “Good luck. He can be cranky in the mornings.” Harry said chuckling. I walked over to his room and I was going to open the door but I heard him talking with somebody on the phone so I decided to knock instead. “Knock-Knock.” “I’ll call you later, Bye.” I heard him say into the phone. “Come in.” he said. I walked in and he was sitting on his bed in the dark. He looked up at me and I don’t think he was expecting it to be me because he looked a little surprised. “Hey I was just wondering if you wanted to come eat breakfast before Niall eats it all.” I said with a smile but my smile soon disappeared when I looked at his face and realized that he looked a little depressed and I would know that look better then anybody else. “What’s wrong?” I asked going over and sitting next to him. I noticed he  wasn't  wearing a shirt and I tried not to stare at his perfectly toned abs even though it was so hard not to. “I don’t really want to talk about it.” he said softly looking at the ground. “Ok you don’t have to and I know we just met but just know that if you ever need to talk about anything I’m here.” I said hugging him. He  didn't  hug back at first but then he soon hugged back. I heard the door open. “Hey are you guys coming? The food is gett-” whoever it was stopped talking and me and Zayn let go and I looked and saw Harry standing in the doorway. “Oh sorry.” he said with anger in his voice. Why was he upset? I don’t understand. I watched him walk away. “I’m gonna go back out with the other boys but you should come too.” I  said. “Ok.” he said and got up and followed me. We walked out of his bedroom together which probably  didn't  look good considering Zayn  wasn't  wearing a shirt. We walked into the living room and the rest of the boys were sitting on the couch watching E! news. As soon as we walked in the boys looked over at us and Louis wolf-whistled. My cheeks turned a little pink and I sat down. I looked over at Harry and noticed he was looking at me. He looked mad and I  couldn't  figure out why so I just decided to ask him later. I just realized that I have nothing to wear, literally! “Ummm guys? I don’t have any clothes.” I said. “I went out and got you some last  night.” Harry said. “You bought me clothes?” I asked kind of shocked. “Yeah.” He said. “Wow thanks.” I said “Can you show me where they are?” I asked. If he told me where they were then I would have been able to find them but I just wanted to talk to him alone. “Sure.” he said and got up and led me to them. I closed the door after I got inside and when he heard the door close he turned around and looked at me confused. “Harry, why are you upset?” “I-” he was cut of by Louis yelling his name. “Maybe we should go for a walk.” I said and Harry looked down at my boot. “Are you sure you want to?” he asked. “Yes Harry, I will be fine.” “Ok well the clothes are over there so when you’re done just come out and we can go for a walk.” “Ok” I said. He left the room and I went over to my bag which was where I left it last night and got out my phone. I scrolled through my missing calls which the majority of them were from Maria. I grabbed the makeup out of my bag and went to the bathroom to put on my makeup and do my hair. Thank god I also had a brush in my bag. I looked at the clothes that Harry got and I must say that he bought pretty good clothes. I grabbed a pair of ripped denim shorts and a cute pink tank top. I slipped on my black vans. “Do you guys have an extra toothbrush?” I yelled. “Yeah I think we have one in the bottom left cabinet in the bathroom.” Liam yelled. “Thanks.” I yelled back. I went over and found the toothbrush and brushed my teeth. I was ready so I walked into the living room. I saw Zayn looking at me and it made me feel really uncomfortable. “Ready?” Harry asked “Yeah.” I said. “Wait where are you going?” Niall asked. “For a walk.” I said. “Bye guys.” Harry said and guided me out the door. “Bye.” they all said. I noticed Harry was putting on a hoodie and some sunglasses. “Don’t you think it’s a little warm for a jacket?” I said. “This is to hide me from the fans.” he said. “oh and we should probably take the back entrance.” he said. We walked out the back way and ended up at a park. We sat down on a bench and he started talking. “Do you have feelings for Zayn?” he asked. “What? No. Why would you think that?” I said. “I don’t know. I guess just because I saw you two hugging and you just met and everything.” “He looked upset so I was comforting him. So then why were you upset?” I asked. “Because he’s one of my best mates and you guys have only known each other for almost 24 hours.” “Oh ok.” I said. “We should probably head back before people recognize me.” He said. “Ok.” I said and we walked back to the hotel. I knew there was something else that was bothering him but I just  couldn't  figure out what it was. But I will find out….
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