Wild Love

Niall and Maddie had always been best friends, but when, after sharing their first kiss, she moves to London for nearly six years, they don't know what will happen. People change over time, but so does their relationship?


1. Wild Boy


She felt so nervous, her legs were shaking. She didn't remember ever having spent a day as exciting as that one. Her twelfth birthday. She couldn't stop playing with her hands, and she bit her lip. 

She took a deep breath and walked in. The familiar smell of horses and hay made her feel like home. She inhaled the smell one more time... It would probably be the last time she ever would.


She walked some more steps and looked around, before looking ahead again. Her gift was right there. A huge grin appeared on her face, and she fastened her pace towards it.

She had always wanted a white horse, and now she had it. She bit her lip, again, and her steps became slower. A new feeling arose inside her. She was afraid. It was beautiful, but it was too big for her, and she wasn't sure how it would react.


"Don't be scared," someone said. She turned to see him, giving him a shy smile and blushing slightly. She always blushed when she was around him. She felt butterflies, and needed to hug him tight and never let him go.

"What are you doing here?" she asked looking into his eyes.

Her friend, Marie, always told her that the boys realized a girl fancied them if they didn't look at them straight in the eyes, so she had to.


"I was looking for you. You're leaving tomorrow and I don't know when I'm going to see you again," the blonde said.

Her heart ached, knowing that she wouldn't be back for a long time. Her father had sent her to study to London. She was going to miss him so much.

"Don't think about that. I'll come back," she whispered gently.



"I don't know, but I will."

"My mother says that Londom-"

"London," she corrected him, smirking a little bit.

"Whatever," he continued, "It is very far away. I looked for it in Mr. Leonard's map, and yeah, it's really far away from here. What if something happens? What if you need me?" he asked impatiently.


"There'll be plenty of people to take care of me, wild boy," she replied, jolly.

He couldn't help but smile. Wild boy, the nickname she'd given him that day they spent playing in the fields, when he behaved that exact way.

"I know it," he scratched his chin, trying not to show he was nervous, too, "But they are strangers."

"My friend Marie will be there, too" she commented.


"That infuriating girl," he mumbled. She chuckled to herself.

"I like it when you use the words I’ve taught you."

"I don't like those words," he assured, "People at school laugh at me for saying them."

"I don't know your classmates. You've never invited them, and you never talk about them. Why?" she asked approaching the horse, unconsciously.


"That's because they're all idiots..."

"That's a dirty word!" she scolded him, giggling.

"The only thing they do is fight, and they'll always threaten me. But I'll always win."

"Cause you're a wild boy."



She started clenching and wrinkling the edge of her dress. The butterflies still wouldn't leave.

"Mrs. Kate says she could home school you..."

"No, that's for girls."

She stared at him for several minutes in silence. There were so many things she wanted to say to him. And in a couple of hours she wouldn't be able to say them.


"Are you going to miss me?" she walked towards the horse again and run into it. The big animal whinnied and she looked at it fearful, but suddenly felt a hand holding hers and pulling her away from it.

"It's a wild horse, as me," he said slowly.

She turned to look at him. He was right next to her, holding her hand. And it seemed like he didn't have any intention to let go.


Marie had been wrong in something. He wasn't like the rest of the boys... He didn't mind holding her hand, or that she forced him to have tea with her, or that she taught him how to speak properly.

"I don't know why dad got it now that I'm leaving," she said a little down.

"He did so, because he didn't want you to become attached and miss it when you were away," Niall explained, "What's it's name?"


"He's a boy, right?"


"Whatever," she tried to copy his expression when he said it, making him giggle, "His name is... Cloud."

"Do you want to caresshim?" he asked.

She glanced at the horse, then back at the beautiful blue eyes in front of her.


"I don't know. I'm scared," she whispered. He held her hand more firmly, to bring it closer to the horse.

"Cloud," he called. The horse looked up at them, "That's your name now."

They took a step closer to him. The animal seemed calm, but it still didn't convince her. He was still behind her, and holding her hand, and reached put until her hand was on the horse's muzzle. Cloud stood still, receiving the caress happily.


"See? He won't hurt you. He knows he belongs to you." She looked into his eyes. He looked like a prince from the books she used to read. A special prince, as he liked to play in the dirt or with the animals. But he was so nice and cute. She was going to miss him more than anything.

"Are you going to take care of him while I'm gone?" she asked while he took a step back to let her caress the horse by herself.


"Of course," he smiled, "You won't even recognize him, as he's going to be the nicest horse ever."

She giggled and walked over to him. She could see a little shiny object resting on his chest, and suddenly he felt even happier. He had turned thirteen almost two months ago. "Do you still have my present?" she twirled a little lock with her finger. He nodded happily, and grabbed the little gold horse-shaped medal. She took it and looked at it more closely, "Are you going to keep it, forever?"


"I'll keep it forever, as everything that has to do with you, because... Because..."

"Because..." she mumbled waiting for him to finish the sentence.

He felt that familiar butterflies in his belly, "Because I love you, Maddie" 

She felt a type of happiness she had never felt before. He took something out of his pocket and gave it to her, with a big grin. She fast opened the little blue box, and her face lit up.


"You bought it," she whispered looking at the little ring.

"Yes," he nodded shyly, "When we last went to the town you said you liked it, so I've been saving to give it to you."

She looked up at him as her grin grew bigger, "That's why you've been working at the bakery, right?" He just nodded and took the ring with the tiny amethyst and carefully put in on her finger.


She felt really hurt, he had always been her best friend, and now she was moving to another continent, far away from him. He looked into her eyes, as she looked into his. Whenever those beautiful blue eyes looked into here, she felt warm inside, she felt he could see her soul, and she could see his. Certainly, those eyes were pure perfection.

"I love you too, Nialler," her sweet voice said.


She took a step closer to him, stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his. They both closed their eyes, sharing the magical moment of their first kiss.

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