Love Can Change You

The story involves One Direction and some of the characters resemble my friends. ENJOY!


3. Chapter 2

Lexi's POV:

"NO!! You can't do that!" I said.
"Why not?" he asked, coming and sitting back down next to my bed.
"Because he will just come back and try to kill me! You know, if your attempt fails," I said matter of factually.
"Well then I guess that you will just have to come on tour with us!" Harry said.
"YAY!! My carrot buddy gets to come on tour with us!!" Louis exclaimed excitedly.
"Thanks! But the only problem is, is that I can't leave Dari behind!" I said looking at her and smiling. She smiled back and mouthed 'Thank you!'
"Well then, she'll just have to come with us!" Louis said, "I can't leave my carrot buddy here if she will get hurt!"
"Cool! Just let me call my parents and then Dari can call hers!" I said.
"Okay." They all said in unison  I called my parents and told them everything and they said that it was okay for me to go. Then, Dari called her parents and they also said the same thing.
"WE CAN GO!" We yelled.
"YAY!" Louis said giving me a huge hug.
"OWWW! Hole in my side here!" I yelled.
"Oopsss!" He said holding the 's'.
"When do you get out of here?" Harry asked.
"In about 2 hours, we just have to check up on her." The doctor said, scaring all of us.
"YAY!" I said. They all left and except for the doctor. She checked up on me and told me to take it easy, but that I was free to go. They all came back in.
"So can you leave?" Harry asked.
"Okay!" They all said.
"Let's go." I said. I got up and changed.When I walked out, we went to the lobby. What I saw was insane! There were girls in the lobby and so many that there were still some outside! The guys told us to go to the car. We walked through the maze of girls and even got lost a couple of times. When we finally got out we looked for the car and when we found it we ran to it and got in.

Harry's POV:

When we saw all the girls, we thought we were going to get mobbed, but the all just stood there.
"What can we do for you?" Louis asked.
A little girl, about the age of Phoebe and Daisy, came up to us.
"Can I please have a hug?" She asked.
"You sure can." I said. We each gave her a hug and then they all parted so that we could get through. Once we were out we went to the car.
"Well, that was weird." Liam said.
"Yeah." We all agreed. Louis started the car. I was sitting in the backseat next to Lexi, Liam and Niall were in the way back making googly eyes at each other and then laughing about it, Louis was driving, and Zayn was in the front seat sleeping.
"So, what do you want to do when we get back to the hotel?" I asked Lexi.
"Sleep." She said looking exhausted. I laughed.
"Alright then. You can sleep in my room." I told her.
"Mkay." She said tiredly. I just laughed.


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