Beyond the horizon

"When you turn around the corner....." and 10 others. Please leave a comment and please like it. If you leave me your story or poem and you liked mine then i will read it and i will like it and comment too! Also, check out my other poem books and do the same please!


6. Your worth saving

 I don't care what people say about you

 Because they are wrong

 I know that your worth saving in my heart

 Someday you will do something amazing

 Wait you already did

 You have given me everything

  And now it's my turn to give you something

  So to keep that promise

  I will hold all my  memories of you

And most of all.....

The memories of just  you and me together


Your are my hero, my giver of life, my...... Father

 I love you Dad


By breanne smith



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