Beyond the horizon

"When you turn around the corner....." and 10 others. Please leave a comment and please like it. If you leave me your story or poem and you liked mine then i will read it and i will like it and comment too! Also, check out my other poem books and do the same please!


3. emotions

  Love me, hate me

  kiss me, fight me

   you make my emotions swirl like the colors in the rainbow

  I don't know what emotion i feel for you

  just stay away till i feel brave

   brave enough to see your face without fainting

  Call me whatever you want just please forgive me

  You can be sad  be sad that i lefted you

  just don't think i abounded you

   I love you and hate you

   My world is something other than me

Tell me what i should do?

BY Breanne Smith



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