Beyond the horizon

"When you turn around the corner....." and 10 others. Please leave a comment and please like it. If you leave me your story or poem and you liked mine then i will read it and i will like it and comment too! Also, check out my other poem books and do the same please!


2. Can't you see

 Can't you see we are ment to be together

  To live happy lives together

   Make a family and share love

   But you don't want that 

   Open your eyes and see the true meaning of love

    You can have all the love you need from me

    Just you wait in see

     You won't have any of that with anyone else

    I love you 

     Please come to me and be with me 

    Everyone says that we are the prefect match

     So let's be that match

    How come you won't come to me? 

   Be with me?

 By: Breanne Smth


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