I'm Emili Beauteshmit, I'm 23-years old and lives in Berlin,Germany. I've been having these dream of my past, they're always the worst ones, never the best. I don't know what happened to me from what causing the dream/memories. Now everyone in town is scared of me, but some how this man started to help me. Well he make them stop? I may have to find out.


2. Chapter Two

His face was inches away from mine. I was blushing and shocked. just how did he know about my 'dreams'? Nobody knew about them because, well, everyone is scared of me so they don't want to know me. But really, how did he know about them, was he stalking me?

I stared  into his blue eyes, all i can see in them was care and help. It was explainable.

I didn't notice that he was moving closer, till i felt our noses touched. I blushed even harder, but how can I not?

I was able to find my voice and asked," W-what are you d-doing?"

I mentally slapped myself for being so nervous. He chuckles and backed away.

" Heh, I'm sorry I couldn't help it," he scratched the back of his head.

"I-it's okay..."

He sat down on the couch. I looked at him and decided to go by him.

"How are you going to help me salve my 'dream' problem?", I just had to ask him, I was really getting concerned about it.

" Well it's hard to explain, but you might not life some of the steps..."

I then thought about everything that I could hate, and started to get scared. Then I started to think about the embarrassing stuff, and started to blush.

Al noticed this and asked me why I was blushing.

" O-oh...It's nothing you need to know..."

" Oh, okay," he looked somewhere else in the room," Oh, we will also have to deal with some challenges along the way"

" Oh okay, that wont be a big problem, will it?"

" Well, I can't be sure about it, but if something happens to you, I'll come and save you and keep you protected and safe"

I looked at him, I was surprised that he said that. It's not like he loves me or I love him, but it's weird because we just met.

"W-why did you say that? We just met and you hardly met me." I had to say it, I'm just a questionable woman.

"Well...," he sounded nervous,like he didn't want to say why," to tell the truth...I know a lot about you....more than you probably think..."

" What?! Are you like a stalker or something?!", I stood up and faced him> i was kind of mad at this.

"What? No,no,no,no. I'm not a stalker at all, but I am something that's not right to humans. But I can't tell you, your going to have to find it out on your own."

I calmed down a little, but I got curious of what he meant by 'But I am something that's not right to humans'. But I'm going to have to find out myself self because he said i have to find out on my own.

I sighed and sat back down,"So when are we going to start this 'dream' journey?"

" We can start tomorrow morning or afternoon," he stood up from the couch and started to head to the door," I better get going, see you tomorrow"

"Okay, bye"

He left. the room was quiet. I looked at the time, it was 5:37 PM. I guess I'll start making my dinner and go to bed.


Chained to the cold wall

Only in a beater and shorts

Dry tears on my cheeks

It was dark so I could not see

I herd screaming and whips snapping

I knew I was next

I herd my cell door opening

Then footsteps stopped right in front of me

The man chuckled darkly

He swung the whip

Hitting my stomach

Tearing through the beater and skin

Fresh tears rolled down my cheeks

Begged them to stop this

They only swung harder

and faster

When they stopped

I was covered in deep cuts

and blood...

I just wanted to get out of this

Out of this




A/N Comment like in the last chapter if you want another chapter! And sorry if this one sucked...

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